Tuesday, 1 December 2009

2lbs gone!

Yay I lost 2lbs this week. So 6lbs in total. Not sure if the 14lbs target I set for xmas WI (21st Dec) is realistic? But I'll keep trying!

Last week I was very good except at the weekend- see again I struggle with them!
I'm going to set myself a challenge to stick to points this weekend! I'll let you know how I get on.

I can't believe we are in December- so exciting, putting xmas decs up this weekend. I always love that. What are people deciding around xmas- pointing it all or letting yourself enjoy xmas without pointing?
I'm thinking the latter as xmas is my fave time of year but I think there needs to be a limit and some rules:

1. Non pointing only on 23rd-26th Dec and 31st/1st Jan all others pointed
2. During the festive 2 weeks I must do at least 2 x 30 min exercise- brisk walk, xtrainer/swim
3. Try as much as possible to include filling foods and make use of soups

I thought I'd do this as knowing myself I won't be able to stick to points at xmas but this way I've set myself some rules.

Thanks for everyone who writes comments. Love to hear from people and also reading other peeps blogs.

Good luck this week everyone


  1. Hi....Well done for your loss this week. I have been following Weight Watchers for 6 months now and have been looking for blogs to boost my motivation and yours is definately one! Thanks - keep up the good work and keep blogging!
    Claire xx

  2. Well done every pound loss helps towards that slimmer future! I too struggle with weekends I must admit. If I socialise I struggle big time but being at home on a weekend with just the family i tend to be able to stick to the points ok. I also try and ban alcohol all week except a sat night when i point the booze im allowed and evening meal first!
    Christmas is a few weeks away so a nice run up to Christmas festivities will help you stay focused. Be good until the days you want to indulge and then get back on track afterwards. it is hard i must admit.
    Good luck for next week xx