Wednesday, 31 March 2010

1 little pound

Only lost 1lb this week. Dissappointed as I feel i worked hard this past week but I suppose a loss is a loss.

It's my birthday friday and we are going out for dim sum for lunch and then Phil is cooking me a meal in the evening, trying to do extra exercise and save a few points for it but hope i still get a loss on monday.

Bike arrived!! yay! we need to finish getting it together, it was quite hard and i'm worried it's not safe as i'm obviously heavy!! Plus i got on it and forgot how to ride a bike! Lol!!!

My treat snack of the week is Caxton pink and whites! Yummy Marshmallow wafers and only 0.5 points.

Meal Plan this week:

W: Turkey chilli con carne
T: Turkey kofta curry
F: Don't know as Phil is cooking me a suprise meal!
S: Cauliflower, potato and spinach curry
S: Prawn and veg udon noodles
M: Southern fried chicken and homemade oven chips- found a healthy southern fried chicken recipe in one of my mags which works out at 5.5 points for 2 peices of chicken.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

New bike

I have bought myself a bike! It's my birthday next week and i've asked my family to give me some money to go towards a bike. Now the one's that I absolutely love are too much money but i'm going to save up and hopefully get one next year! Here they are- pure bike porn for me!!! They range from £400-600 and I love all 3 so don't know how i'd choose!

This is the Electra Gypsy

This is the Electra Om

This is the Electra Petra Zillia

But due to a cash flow problem I've bought the below for £130 which is the same type of bike as the above- a beach cruiser bike but not a flashy expensive one! But I have bought the basket below from halfords for £15 and i'm going to sew a nice liner to go inside like the ones above. I've bought a funky bell (below) and going to attach a nice pink flower like on the Electra Om. So even though i know it's not the one's I really want it will do for now. Will post a pic once I have it!

So I am going to bike a lot more and not drive. So to the shops or into town. The basket comes off so you can carry around town get your fruit and veg etc which we do on Saturday at the market and then can pop it back on my bike and off I go! Mind you think it would look a lot more romantic in Paris rather than Banbury!!!
I've been great at getting back on track this week. Food wise been doing well and been doing 60 mins on cross trainer and doing weights and circuits too. Today i'm having a rest day though as my knees are hurting a bit as i've been doing so much!!! Hoping for a good loss at weigh in on Monday. I need to get to that 1st stone mark as it's taken so long. I've lost over a stone since starting but this is from actually starting my meetings so i'll get to put a sticker on the board!!
I also ordered some protien shakes from as they are a lot cheaper than maxitone. Not used all my maxitone yet so won't be using it just yet but will post my reviews on both once i've tried it. But price wise Maxitone Sculptress is £29.99 for 700g and one serving is 2 x 25g scoops so 14 servings. They say to have 2 servings a day but i just have one- after my workout so basically a 2 week supply for me. My Protien costs £12.45 per 1kg and one serving is 1 x 25g scoop so getting 40 servings so that's great.
Nutritional info for Maxitone Strawberry:

Per 50g Serving
Energy 179kcal/756kJ
Protein 32g
Carbohydrate 8.4g
of which sugars 4.2g
of which polyols 4.2g
Fats 2.9g
of which saturates 1.5g
Fibre 1.7g
Sodium 0.30g
And My Protien:

Nutritional Information (per 30g):
Energy 118.0cal
Energy 497.0kJ
Protein (dry basis) 24.6g
Protein (as-is) 23.6g
Fat 2.1g
Carbohydrates 1.8g
Calcium 150.0mg
So Maxitone 64% protien and My Protien 79%
That's as far as i've compared them for now but will review a bit more once i've tried both.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Oh dear

1lb on this week. Mind you i was expecting worse as last week was not that good. Did not do as much exercise and just didn't watch what i ate. It was Phil's birthday at the weekend which meant lots of naughty foods! I dreaded WI but i went and was glad it wasn't too bad of a gain.

So refocus this week. Have upped my cross trainer to 60 mins now and my personal best for 60 mins is 19.4k. I do need to do more resistence though so must build more of that in. Just come back from argos with some bigger weights as i only had 1kg hand weights and now have a set of 3 at 1.5kg, 3kg and 5kg. So that should be a bit of a better workout!

Need to plan next weeks meals so going to have a little look now through my recipe books, weightwatchers esource and some other sites. Next Friday is my birthday so i have decided i won't point that day but eat less the days either side. Me and Phil are going to have lunch at a dim sum restaurant and then he's going to cook me a meal in the evening. Yummy!

I have been having my maxitone after workouts but it says to have at least twice a day but that would get sooooo expensive. Might see if there are any similar products for a bit less. Anyone got any ideas?

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Still going good

Lost 1lb this week. It wasn't the 2lb i wanted but seeing as i lost 5lb last week it will do! I'm hoping for 2lb for next WI. My 1st mini goal is to have lost 1 stone by 29th March. I have 2lb so i reach that so i should def beat it!

Still exercising hard and eating well. I went swimming today as i used to be a great swimmer when i was younger and i want to get that back. Want to try and go at least once a week to combine with my cross trainer, skipping, power walking, circuits etc. I think if i do a mix it will give me a better workout and keep me interested.

I have ordered some sculptress shakes and capsules from as heard a lot about them and thought i'd give them a try as i had a £5 off voucher. If anyone wants it you enter max10 at checkout. I'll post updates on how i find them or if they are just a waste of money!

I've been thinking a lot still about what i'll look like when i'm slim- I can't wait and the difference is this time is I actually know i wil be! I will not fail.

I made a motivation board which is stuck on my wardrobe. Pic below- sorry if it's not good quality. I look at it to motivate me. I've not finished it so can keep adding to it. i have sayings on there, some healthy foods, colours, a baby represents that i want to be healthy when we try for a baby etc.

How is everyone else doing?
"Be it, Believe it"