Tuesday, 8 December 2009


After having a really good day etc I have just had cheese and biscuits! Why do I do it!!!! They are like a million points. Cheese binge over. Time for bed and wake up with more focus!!!

Sorry random post I know but want to try and capture these stupid moments!!!

Goodbye half stone

1lb down this week and got my 1st silver 7. I'm really chuffed. Had an unplanned xmas dinner on Sunday at Mum and dad's so I didn't save points for that! Plus Saturday went over a bit.

Still no exercise for me! I'm getting really annoyed with myself. I'm going to do 10 mins on the cross trainer tonight as other half is at football so can do it while he is there and then have dinner.

This week meals include sweet and sour chicken (from ww takeout recipe book), chicken korma (ww sauce), Trout with jacket and veg, Gnocci with cheese and ham (from WW mag), Sausage and mash (ww sausages), Fishcakes. Yummy!!! I love looking for new recipes so if anyone has some let me know!

For xmas dinner I found this which is quite handy. Have a good week everyone.

YOU can eat a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and NOT put on weight this Christmas! Yes it's true just take a look at the below menus. One is your traditional Christmas dinner the other a specially designed Christmas Day menu from Weight Watchers. The beauty is that it offers you the flexibility to eat all your favorite foods but still stay in control of your weight and ensure those jeans aren't too tight on January 1!

Weight watchers area Manager, Liz McMahon, of Basingstoke said: "Christmas doesn't need to be a struggle you can still enjoy all the festive fayre, just go easy on the chocolates and the booze and pile up your plate with lean roast turkey and seasonal vegetables!"

Here is the Traditional Christmas Dinner...The average Weight Watchers member has a daily POINTS allowance of 20 and this Christmas dinner comes in at 45 POINTS without any breakfast or tea! So yBoldou can see where you could gain a few pounds over the Christmas season!

Traditional Christmas Dinner


Leek & Potato Soup – 5 POINTS values

Main Course

Roast Turkey (4 medium slices) - 2 POINTS values

Stuffing (2 tablespoons) - 1 POINTS value

Bread Sauce (2 tablespoons) - 1 POINTS value

2 Chipolata Sausages - 3 POINTS values

Bacon (1 rasher) - 1.5 POINTS values

Peas (3 tablespoons) - 1.5 POINTS values

4 Small Roast Potatoes - 6 POINTS values

2 Scoops Mashed Potato - 2 POINTS values

Gravy - 1.5 POINTS values

Cranberry Sauce (2 tablespoons) - 1 POINTS value


Christmas Pudding (1 portion) - 5.5 POINTS values

Double Cream (2 tablespoons) - 4 POINTS values

Brandy Butter (1 tablespoon) - 3.5 POINTS values

Coffee with cream (1 tablespoon) and sugar (1 teaspoon) - 1.5 POINTS values

Wine2 Glasses of white wine - 3 POINTS values

Total Points values- 45 (before Breakfast or Supper!)

Or try this Weight Watchers Christmas Day Menu that with just a few changes and including a breakfast and a tea only comes to 20 POINTS values!

Weight Watchers Christmas Dinner

Based on the average day of 20 POINTS® values


Weight Watchers Leek & Potato Soup – 2 POINTS values

Main Course

Roast Turkey (4 medium slices) - 2 POINTS values

Gravy - 0 POINTS values

Mushroom and Bacon Stuffing (per serving) - 1 POINTS value

Bread Sauce (per serving) - 1 POINTS value

Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Leeks and Courgettes (boiled) - 0 POINTS values

Cranberry and Port Sauce (per serving) - 1/2 POINTS values

Boiled New Potatoes (4) - 1 POINTS value


Christmas Pudding (1 portion) - 4.5 POINTS values

Custard Sauce (per serving) - 1.5 POINTS values

Coffee with semi-skimmed milk and sweetener - 1/2 POINTS value

Wine2 125ml glass of Weight Watchers Riesling – 2 POINTS valuesLeaving 4 POINTS values for the rest of the day:

Breakfast: Honey Roast Ham with a Poached egg and mushrooms and tomatoes

Snack: 2 Mini Bourneville Plain Chocolates

Tea: No POINTS value Vegetable Soup (Cook carrots, turnip, parsnips and onions in a pan in chicken stock, once vegetables are soft blend , season and serve)


Stuffing (serves 16 portions)

Ingredients3 x 1/2oz (15g) lean rashers back bacon, derinded5½oz

(150g) mushrooms, finely chopped

3 tablespoons margarine

2 onions finely chopped

2 tablespoons parsley

8oz (240g) dry bread

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 large egg, lightly beaten


1) Lay the bacon on the rack of a grill pan and cook under a moderate grill, turning once, until cooked but not crisp.

2) Heat the margarine in a saucepan, add the onions and stir-fry for 5-6 minutes. Add the mushrooms to the saucepan and continue frying until cooked. Stir in the parsley and set aside.

3) Break the bread into pieces, place in a liquidiser or food processor and process to breadcrumbs.

4) Stir the breadcrumbs into the onion and mushroom mixture, mix in the lemon juice and bind together with the egg. (Points value per serving - 1)



111/2-121/2lb (5.5-6kg) fresh turkey with giblets

1 large onion

21/2 tablespoons margarine


1) Remove the giblets from the turkey. Rinse the bird under cold running water and pat dry with kitchen paper.

2) Spoon the stuffing (see above) into the skin at the neck of the bird. Place the onion in the body of the turkey.

3) Spread the margarine thickly over the breast of the turkey then spread over the rest of the bird.

4) Cover with foil and cook at 400-425 F, 200-210 C, Gas Mark 6-7 for 3 hours, 15 minutes Remove the foil , baste well with the juices from the roasting tin and continue cooking, uncovered for about 30 minutes until brown and completely cooked.

5) Transfer to a warm serving plate and leave to stand while preparing the gravy.

6) Carve the turkey, allowing 3oz (90g) - about 4 medium slices per person. (Points value per serving - 2)

Bread Sauce (serves 8)


1 onion

4 whole cloves

few peppercorns

blade of mace (optional)

12fl oz (360ml) skimmed milk

21/2oz (75g) fresh breadcrumbs

1 tablespoon double cream


1) Peel the onion and press the cloves into it. Place the onion, peppercorns and mace into a small saucepan. Pour in the milk and heat very gently until the milk is steaming and just reaching boiling point. Remove from the heat and leave for 30 minutes.

2) Remove the peppercorns, mace and onion. Stir in the breadcrumbs and cream and return to a very low heat. Bring to the boil, stirring all the time. Remove from the heat, season with salt and serve. (Points value per serving - 1)

Gravy (serves 8)


Giblets from turkey

1 onion, sliced

1 tablespoon cornflour

1 pint (600ml) water


1) Remove giblets from the turkey, rinse under cold running water and pat dry with kitchen paper.

2) Place giblets in an oven-proof dish with sliced onion and add about 1 pint (600ml) water to cover.

3) Cover the dish and place on the lowest shelf of the oven. When the turkey is cooked remove from the oven and leave to stand for about 10 minutes.

4) Place the giblets and juices from the turkey roasting pan into a basin standing in a bowl of chilled water - if possible add a few ice cubes to the chilled water. As soon as the fat solidifies on the top, skim it off. Blend the cornflour with a little cold water to form a smooth paste.

5) Strain the giblets and gradually stir the juices into the cornflour. Pour into a saucepan and bring to the boil, stirring all the time. Boil for two minutes then pour into a gravy boat or jug. (Points value per serving - 0)

Cranberry and Port Sauce (serves 8)


8 oz (240g) cranberries

1/4 pt (50ml) water

1 teaspoon arrowroot or cornflour

2 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons port


1) Place the cranberries and water in a small saucepan over a moderate heat. Simmer for 10-15 mins until the cranberries are cooked. Stir briskly to break up some of the cranberries to make a purée containing a few whole cranberries.

2) Blend the arrowroot or cornflour to a smooth paste with 2-3 teaspoons cold water. Stir into the cranberries and bring to the boil stirring all the time. Boil for 2 minutes.

3) Remove the sauce from the heat and stir in the sugar and port. Serve hot or leave until cold. (Points value per serving - 1/2)

Christmas Pudding (serves 8)


1 teaspoon margarine

6oz (180g) fresh breadcrumbs

2oz (60g) flour

12oz (360g) dried fruit

grated zest of one lemon

1/2 teaspoon allspice

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1 1/2 oz (45g) carrot, finely grated

1oz (30g) soft brown sugar

1 tablespoon treacle

1 1/2 teaspoons brandy flavouring

2 large eggs


1) Grease a 1 ½ pint (900ml) basin with the margarine.

2) Mix the breadcrumbs together with the flour, dried fruit, lemon zest, spices, carrot and sugar.

3) Spoon the treacle into a jug, add the brandy flavouring and eggs then whisk until evenly combined.

4) Mix the egg mixture into the dried ingredients.

5) Spoon the mixture into the prepared basin, press down with the back of a spoon then cover with a layer of pleated non-stick baking parchment and foil. Steam for 1 hour 45 minutes.

6) Carefully lift the basin from the saucepan or steamer and remove the paper and foil. Invert the pudding onto a serving plate and decorate with a sprig of holly. (Points value per serving - 4 ½ )

N.B. This pudding does not have the keeping quality of the traditional pudding which is very rich and contains a high proportion of fat, therefore make it on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve and then reheat it on Christmas Day.

Custard Sauce (serves 4)


2 tablespoons custard powder

1 pint (600ml) skimmed milk

1 tablespoon sugar


1) Place the custard powder in a bowl

2) Gradually blend about 3 tablespoons milk into the custard powder to make a smooth paste.

3) Pour the remaining milk into a small saucepan and heat until steaming.

4) Pour the hot milk onto the custard powder mixture, stirring all the time

.5) Pour the custard powder mixture back into the saucepan, add the sugar and bring to the boil stirring all the time. Boil for 2 minutes. Serve hot or cold. (Points value per serving – 1 ½)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

2lbs gone!

Yay I lost 2lbs this week. So 6lbs in total. Not sure if the 14lbs target I set for xmas WI (21st Dec) is realistic? But I'll keep trying!

Last week I was very good except at the weekend- see again I struggle with them!
I'm going to set myself a challenge to stick to points this weekend! I'll let you know how I get on.

I can't believe we are in December- so exciting, putting xmas decs up this weekend. I always love that. What are people deciding around xmas- pointing it all or letting yourself enjoy xmas without pointing?
I'm thinking the latter as xmas is my fave time of year but I think there needs to be a limit and some rules:

1. Non pointing only on 23rd-26th Dec and 31st/1st Jan all others pointed
2. During the festive 2 weeks I must do at least 2 x 30 min exercise- brisk walk, xtrainer/swim
3. Try as much as possible to include filling foods and make use of soups

I thought I'd do this as knowing myself I won't be able to stick to points at xmas but this way I've set myself some rules.

Thanks for everyone who writes comments. Love to hear from people and also reading other peeps blogs.

Good luck this week everyone

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Not good

Well last week didn't go to plan. Friday to Sunday I went over on points.

I just wanted all the nice things. This is pretty much how it went.... Friday night Indian takeaway, and cider and chocolate....Sat brunch cooked breakfast... sat night Chicken Enchilada's- lots of cheese oh and cider and Doritos and salsa....Sunday Chinese takeaway. A complete train wreck of a week. Didn't go to weigh in last night because I was ashamed but then today felt bad so tried to get to go to the meeting they have at my place of work. Left a message with the leader to see if it was ok as I'm an NHS referral member so wasn't sure if it was ok but she didn't call back. Don't think there is anymore meetings by me at times I can make so may just have to wait until next week. I really really need to stick to it this week. And I want to do 2 exercise sessions as well. Why can't I just consistently be good and stick to plan? It really frustrates me. This week I've pretty much planned. This weeks dinners include turkey stir-fry, ww lasagne, spag bol, chicken enchiladas but I'm doing with half fat cheese and much less!!!!

Hope everyone else had a better week than me!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Feeling Christmassy

I'm one of those annoying people who love christmas. I love everything about it!! Been busy making xmas gifts: jams, chutneys, mincemeat,candle, fudge etc.

Weight watcher wise I wasn't very strict the past week. Went over on points on a few days but at WI on monday I lost 1lb so I was pleased.

I struggle at weekends. Because of having a tough week at work I have it in my head that I should reward myself at weekends and so think about yummy "treat" food. One of the things me and other half like to do is share a bag of doritos and have salsa dip- I need to see what the point damage is!! Anyone got any tips for weekends or foods I could try to still have that snacky treat feeling but lower on points??

Hope everyone is having a good week. I am aiming to lose 2lb at next WI. I would love to have lost 1 stone by xmas. Lost 4lb so far so got some work to do! Really need to up exercise, I'm not doing anything at month!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sorry for lack of posting!

God i've not updated this for ages. Sorry to those who follow. Been super busy starting a new job and just kept on forgetting!

Good news is 2 weeks ago I joined ww meetings. I was doing online but I think I need the support of meetings. So far everyone is fab and the leader is really nice. I've lost 3lb so far as I stayed the same this week (time of the month).

Got some fab ww cook books so I can get lots of recipe ideas so I can vary the dinners we have. One of the books is "Take-out Tonight" as I lurve chinese takeaway and there are some fab ones in there along with lots of other cuisines.

Tonight I'm having prawn noodle stir fry and then a ww choc top pud which are sooo yummy, i put mine in the microwave for 20 secs so the icecream melts a bit, heavenly!

Right thought i'd set some mini goals:

21st Dec 2009- lose 1 stone
14th Feb 2010-lose 2 stone
2nd April 2010-lose 3 stone

Friday, 18 September 2009

Motivation needed!

So sorry for not posting for ages, been a mad few weeks. Been made redundant from my job which was a bit of a shock, I only got made redundant July 08 so not that long!! However on my garden leave (getting paid) and start a new job in Oct.

Weightwise i have fallen off the wagon for just over a week so after this weekend need to get back on. It's through not planning, i always fall down if i don't plan! Phil also has put on a couple of pounds from us not tracking. Fresh start Monday.

How is everyone else getting on? Hope people are losing weight.

I still need to get into doing exercise, why am I so lazy???? I'd love it to come naturally! Asi'm off work until the end of Oct i'm going to set a goal that i exercise for 15 mins twice a week. I know it sounds very little but i need it to be something i can do.

My next Weight loss goal i'm setting is to lose half stone by the time I start my new job on 26th Oct.

Right I need to get ordering the online shopping and planning next weeks meals.

Good luck everyone xx

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

2nd week done and so far so good.

Sorry i haven't posted for a while! Been super busy.

My 1st week i lost 3.5 lbs and OH lost 4lbs and this week we both lost 3.5lbs which we are really chuffed about. Need it to keep coming off.

This Sat we are on holiday for 5 days so saving up points but going to "relax" the points a bit so not sure a loss is on the cards next tuesday? Going to the seaside so fish and chips is a must!!

I've been really good at planning meals for the week so need to keep this up, find it's what eeps me and track.

Not been doing much exercise thou so need to try and factor a bit into our routine. Got to dust off the cross trainer!!!!

Hope everyone else has had a good week

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Weight loss simulator

Seen a few other people doing these and wanted to get my own on here. Showing me at my start weight and me at my goal weight of 12 stone.


Well day 3 on WW and i'm feeling good. I'm making sure i plan all my meals for the following week as it helps me stay focused. I need to do this.

I'm off work this week which can be dangerous for me as it means i can pick! But I've made sure i've factored in snacks like WW choc caramel wafer and rice cakes with ham and tomato.

Only slip up today is after baking cupcakes i automatically ate some left over mixture!!! Pointed it at 3 points so lucky i have enough to cover it but such a waste! But yum though :-) Baking can be tough as i run my own cupcake business http://www.jessicascupcakes.com/ and cupcakes are not very point friendly! But when putting together new recipes tasting has to be done, but what i'll do is have a very very small amount and try the rest on other people.

Me and OH did our fat pics last night. See mine below- worst pic ever as not even done my hair or got any make up on! But i felt for the purpose i want it to serve which is to spur me on i wanted it to look as bad as poss. Just enforces the fact i need to lose this weight. For my health as well as my confidence.

I'm also trying positive thinking. I've been reading a book called "Ask and it's Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks and trying to do some of the things mentioned in there. It does seem to be making a difference. It's all based around the law of attraction.

I'm excited about the thought of being able to go in any shop i like and buy some really nice outfits. Long way off i know but if i keep visualising it, it makes me more motivated.

Sunday, 9 August 2009


This is my first entry and also the last day I intend to put on weight.

Tomorrow I am starting the Weight Watchers plan and i'm really motivated as i've got to do this.

I've struggled with my weight all of my adult life and i'm fed up of not being able to choose clothes from any shop, getting sweaty when walking too far, getting tired walking up stairs in my office. I'm just fed up of being fat!

So i'm making a choice to change my habits. Now i've tried all kinds of diets and have been dieting since i was 16- and guess what i'm still fat! I've done weight watchers before and lost weight so i know it works, but i forget to do the stick at it part! Hence back to square one and then some!

My WI day is going to be a Tuesday and i'm doing Weight Watchers online as it fits in with my lifestyle easier.

I have planned our weeks food but not Fri-Sun as we are on holiday and i intend to enjoy it still, however i will still track what i'm putting in my mouth.

I'm doing this with my partner as he has also put on weight so hopefully with us supporting each other we can keep on track.

I will be posting pictures regulary to hopefully "see" my weight loss. We will be taking our 1st pictures later.

So for now caio xx