Tuesday, 26 January 2010

2lb loss

Hi everyone, lost 2lb this week. I know I wanted to lose 3lb but I really felt I hadn't lost any so I was pleased. Slowly coming off. I'm not at the point thought where I have noticed it. I still look the same in the mirror.

Did a nice country walk on Sunday for over 3 hours and some sessions on the Move more DVD so I'm pleased I'm starting to be more active. Body aches thou! Lol

This week I'm hoping to keep it up doing the exercise, we are going to Brighton at the weekend so need to try and save some points for then and fit in some walking if we have time. I have printed of lots of walks around Oxfordshire and The Cotswolds so we have lots to choose from.

Posted this weeks meal plan last week so you can see it there if you want. Working on next weeks. But I think that Butter(less) chicken recipe I posted will be on there again- it was so yummy.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and those who comment, I love hearing from people and reading your blogs too :-)

Have a fab week peeps xx

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


This week I put on 1.5lbs. Not happy. I was very good all week and messed up Friday. I had planned to make a low point Indian feast for me and other half but the fish I used in the fish curry was off- didn't realise until after and it stank to high heaven. So ended up ordering in a take away! Nightmare!!! Was bloody nice though :-)

Also it is my time of the month so may have something to do with it. I really want to lose 3lb next week to make up for this week and also have a loss for next. So need to be really focused this week.

I'm also doing exercise! Yay. Loving yoga especially before bedtime, I feel very relaxed after. Plus I got the weight watchers move more dvd and I think it's fab. Managed 30 mins last night. Plus using Sunday's to have a good long walk, currently looking at different place we can walk round Oxfordshire and Cotswolds.

Ok food plan this week:

T- we had amai udon- wagamama recipe but I tweaked it a bit to make it 9.5 points
W- Sausage Stew
T- Fish, veg and cous cous
F- Butterless chicken (recipe in previous post) and saag aloo
S- Sweet and sour prawns and rice
S- Steak and kidney pies- homemade so making them as low point as I can

Plus already done the following week if anyone is interested! Lol
M- weigh in treat- usually have takeaway but going to make cheesy enchiladas as been craving them!
T- Stirfry
W- Spaghetti and meatballs
T- Fish, veg and potatoes
F- Cha han- another wagamama recipe but I've got it down to 11 points from 14.5
S- In Brighton for the day and weekend so going to save points but we are prob going to Wagamama's for dinner (can you tell I love it!)
S- Duck or chicken raman

How is everyone going so far? I'm feeling a bit down as not lost as much as I wanted. Only lost about 10lbs in 10 weeks. Being big I thought it would be more. I really need to up the exercise and stop letting the weekends defeat me!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a good week everyone.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Yummy recipe

Hi guys,

Just a quick post to share a yummy recipe I found on this great blog. For those of you like me who love indian food this is fab!

Here is the link http://enjoyindianfood.blogspot.com/2008/01/butterless-butter-chicken-guiltless.html

I have pointed the recipe and it's 9.5 points per recipe, as it serves 4 that's 2.5 per serving. That was using tesco low fat yogurt and Tesco light choices healthy living evaporated milk.

I have cup measurements at home but you can google cup to gram/ml conversion to help.

Enjoy :-)

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


2 loss this week!! Very pleased with that. Was very good all week but had a slip up on Saturday.
There was an incident with a Burger king XL Bacon Double cheese burger (18.5 pts), BK chips (5.5) and a cupcakes (god knows about 6)!!!!

Have started to do some exercise, now I say exercise- it probably isn't for most people but I'm so unfit I need to start slow. So I've been doing 10 mins here and there and a bit of my yoga DVD. Yoga is something I have wanted to do for years and I'm going to my 1st class on Thursday which I'm looking forward too. I can then also do my yoga DVD at home. I've also been looking at walks around where we live so we can build activity into our weekends. I hope to then build this up to doing more vigorous exercise like running.

There are lots of fitness DVDs out there but which one to use, it can't be too hard-core for me but does anyone have any recommendations? I have the Claire Sweeny one but a bit bored of that one and music isn't that great on it.

Meal plan for this week is:
Tues- Trout fillet, veg and jacket potato
Wed- Pad Thai
Thurs- Breaded chicken, mash and veg
Fri- Prawn curry
Sat- Schezuan chicken
Sun- Bolognese Gnocci bake

Hope everyone had a fab week. xx

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Woo Hoo

Well I am very pleased with myself. Over the xmas break I lost 3lbs!!!

Really pleased. There were only a handful of us that lost and I think I lost the most.
I do feel a bit bad for having a Chinese last night, we always have one after weigh in as a treat but feel as thought I shouldn't. Well it's done now anyway. Does anyone else have a treat after weigh in? Do you point it or just have it?

So have lots of motivation now. Key for me is planning meals. This week we have:

Tues- Harissa spiced cod and cous cous (ww recipe)
Wed- Fig & Thyme honey with ricotta and then baked acorn squash (from Miss Dahl's Voluptious Delights)
Thurs- Sausage and butterbean stew
Fri- Chicken and bacon risotto (ww recipe)
Sat- Harissa spiced lamb with cous cous
Sun- Either fish curry or spag bol

Need to plan next weeks meals. Got the new WW Fabulous and filling cookbook last night at my meeting, looks really good but only had a quick glance last night.
If anyone has any nice meals they have can you let me know- always looking for extra ideas and inspiration. And if anyone wants any recipes I mention just shout.

Our leader said something last night that I really took on board. We always seem to say "this is the year for me to be healthy, lose weight" etc. But she said "this is not just a new week, or new year but a new decade". And I don't want to have another decade of being unhealthy so I'm going to keep that in the back of my mind. I want to set a good precedent for my future decades. I'm at the age now where kids are not that far off in the future and I want to be as healthy as I can when we try to get pregnant and also for when we have them. Set a good example, be able to run around with them etc. I don't want to be a mum who is tired all the time and not fit enough to do activities with them. And I want to be able to just be more active, I feel so heavy and weighed down at the moment, not just by my weight but emotionally. I want to feel lighter inside and out and live life to the full.

Sorry bit of a ramble there!!

Hope everyone is ok and not finding it too tough getting back into routines after xmas.

Have a good week x

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Well xmas is now over and tomorrow is back on the ww wagon. WI tomorrow night so i can see what the damage is!

Didn't point over xmas and was ill for most of it, 1st with swine flu and then in hospital with gal bladder inflamation! So been trying to eat better, lots more superfoods and drinking herbal tea.

For xmas I got "Miss Dahl's Voluptious Delights" and it's fab, lots of healthy recipes in there. Had the beetroot soup today which was yummy but my hands are bright pink!!!!! This week i'm doing figs with ricotta and thyme honey and baked acorn squash. Yum.

Hoping this is the year for me. Treating my body with respect instead of a garbage can. 30 Nov was a year thar i stopped smoking so i've already done one great thing for my health and now need to lose the weight. I don't want be unhealthy anymore, when we start having kids i want to set a good example.

Hope everyone is ok and that 2010 is a year for all of us!!!