Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I want some sunshine

More snow expected! I'm getting fed up of the bloody stuff!!! Hoping this year we have a fab summer and also hope me and Phil get a hol abroad this year. Would have been 2 years since our last one which was a holiday from hell!! Last year was tough for us with us both losing our jobs and this week Phil has lost his again! We can't seem to catch a break. Keep your fingers crossed he finds another soon!

Done my workout for today- mixture of skipping, steps and circuits. Did it outside and it started to rain- did i stop? Hell no kept going, sopping wet now! Lol. But pleased i carried on- the old me would have used it as an excuse.

Can't wait for some nice weather to do more outside. I really want a bike for my birthday so going to ask people to give me money to go towards it.

Tonight for tea was going to be a cottage pie (with turkey mince) but i'm craving a curry so made the turkey mince into meatballs (mix with egg, breadcrumbs, chilli, spices, ginger and onion) and make a nice curry sauce with reduced fat coconut milk- will be 9 points plus 3 points of brown rice.

Right i'm off for a nice hot bath :-)

"Believe it, be it"

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Fat Photo's

Just wanted to post a couple of "Fat Photo's" of me.

Pleased with myself

Worked really hard the past week. Working out lots using the Total Body Plan book i posted about and also including skipping (fab workout) and just using things around the home- the outside step instead of shelling out for a proper step thingy, the edge of my sofa to do arm push up thingys.

I was concious i what i was eating. Sat night i went out with the girls- now in my last post you prob saw how i feel about social events but after doing lots of exercise on sat i felt positive and went out, danced all night- more exercise.... but had 10 points worth of drink...whoops.

Weigh in was last night and lost 4lbs. Really pleased. Back on track now and set a target of 2lb loss next week.

Meals this week:

T: Amai Udon- wagamama recipe
W: Cottage pie- made with turkey mince for lower points
T: Grilled chicken breast, brown rice and peas
F: Steak and chips
S: Chicken chow mein
S: Fish and veg

After this week i'm starting the meal plan in the Total Body Plan and see what results i get. A lot of the meals are fish/chicken based with veg and some nights with brown rice. But most of the evening meals don't include carbs.

Yesterday Ali Vincent's book "Believe it, Be it" arrived and read it in one sitting. It was fab to read her story, she realy inspires me.

Wanted to set a couple of mini goals.

1st is one me and my friend Claire are doing. To lose 1 stone by 29th March which links in with our birthdays- mine is 2nd April. I also want to get my 10% by May 3rd.

Fitness wise i'd like to be able to run 5k comfortably by 25th July as that is when the Race for Life near me is and i'd like to enter. Need to find someone to do it with me.

"Believe it, Be it"

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Well this week so far so good. Ate well and stuck to exercise plan. Just taking it one day at a time.

I need to do this, i cannot go on like this anymore. Always tired, always depressed. Using humour as a mask.

I hate social situations now, i used to love it- going out with friends but now i'm actually scared of it. You know you have a problem when you try to avoid seeing your friends- the people you love! But i just can't shake it. I need to change. Yes for myself more than anything but also for others. I want my friends to have their happy bubbly friend back, i want Phil to have a sexy girlfriend who he is proud of. I want my parents to be proud.

I'm feeling really motivated now and i need to keep that topped up. I have as i mentioned in the last post ordered some books which will help. Also ordered Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life by Ali Vincent. She won season 5 of The Biggest loser and she really inspires me along with Tara Costa who won season 7.

I want to be that person who loves exercise and is fit, toned and healthy. So i can do things i can only dream about now.

Maybe a trek, like the wall of china or the inca trail. So one day i have stories to tell. So that when i leave this earth i have more to reflect on than well - i ate a lot, stayed in al the time, sat on the sofa, tried this diet, that diet, oh i couldn't do that because i was too fat.......

This is why i have to change.....

In the words of Ali Vincent... "Be it, Believe it"

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Back with new motivation

You may of noticed i haven't posted for 2 weeks, haven't been tracking really and 3lbs heavier because of it!!! Had weigh in last night and stayed the same so i need to lose 2lb next week.

Planned my meals for the next 2 weeks:

T: Meal out otnight for my bro's 18th

W: Spag bol

T: Beef and Guiness casserole (ww recipe)

F: Healthy fish and chips with mushy peas

S: Salmon and filo parcels (ww recipe)

M: WI treat Homemade cheeseburger

T: Amai Udon- wagamama recipe

W: Cottage pie- made with turkey mince for lower points

T: Grilled chicken breast, brown rice and peas

F: Steak and chips

S: Fish and veg

I bought this magazine book "Total Body Plan" and it is fab. It is a 6 week plan but you could continue it as long as you want. Each week has a meal plan with shopping list and an exercise plan. For me being obese some of these plans you come across seem a bit too difficult for me but this one looks like something i could do and keep up with so going to give that a try. Starting the work outs today and then after these 2 weeks worth of meals i have already planned i'll give the meal plans a go in this book. So won't point i'll just follow this plan.

How is everyone else getting on?

Ps Happy Pancake day!!!