Thursday, 27 May 2010

Day at Alton Towers

Today me and Phil went to Alton Towers. It's about a 2 hour drive away. Today was always going to be non healthy!

Breakfast was a sausage egg mcmuffin from McDonalds. Lunch was a peri peri chicken breast burger with fries. I didn't eat the bun and didn't eat all the fries.

Alton Towers is massive and you are pretty much walking all day. I'm actually writing this part of the blog in the queue for a brand new ride called THI3TEEN. We have a 90 minute wait- it better be good!

Tomorrow I can't wait to see the sex & the city 2. I've booked my ticket at 5pm and going by myself! No one else can make it until next week and I cannot wait that long!!

Ok the ride was good. Not amazingly fast but still good. It had a freefall drop involved and then went backwards. So took you by surprise a bit!

It's a long day and now we are home and it's not even 9pm and we are thinking of going up to bed.
I'm feeling really groggy because I've put so much crap in my body today. We got a banana and chocolate pancake there too and whilst the 1st bite was nice it made me feel sick and have had a headache since. Plus had a kitkat in the 90 minute queue too. See I know this food makes me feel crap so why do I eat it?!!

I've put some pics on from today but uploading from my blackberry and can't work out how to move them!!

Night all and sorry for a bit of a boring blog today. It has not been a healthy day at all!!!

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The rain is back

The rain came back today :-( Mind you we did need it. Hope it clears up soon though as tomorrow me and Phil are going to Alton Towers! Yay!!!! And the weekend we are supposed to be going to a BBQ for Ryan's birthday.

Today for breakfast I had strawbs and raspberries with Rachel's pouring yogurt with a hint of honey. It's really really really yummy. Even better than cream and per 100g it has 67 kcal and 1.0g sat fat. not too shabby.

For a snackeroo I had 2 pumpkin and oat ryvitas with low fat cottage cheese and some ham on top. Nice :-)

Lunch was a prawn cocktail made with extra light mayo . Not had this for ages and was really craving it. Really enjoyed it and next time I'm going to have it in a jacket potato as I used to lurve that!

Bored of work and wanting a sweet treat I drove 20 miles to the nearest Starbucks for a Caramel Light Frapp. However I have not recreated this at home this evening. Not exactly the same but still good!

Dinner was trout with a little salt, pepper and dill. With new potatoes, asparagus and a courgette fritter. Love those little fritters :-)

So what are peoples thoughts on the Lost finale? I really liked it. From an emotional side anyway but not from a mystery solving angle, I left a lot was left unexplained. but overall I was happy with the outcome. I think a few people are unclear on what it meant and i've spent most of today trying to explain it to people. I found this link which pretty much is what I think: Click here.
Did 30 mins on the cross trainer tonight at a high intensity. I really need to do some weights/toning this week though. I tend to do less of that.

What is your favourite way to unwind?
Mine is a nice meal, glass of wine. Nice hot bath with a face and hair pack then chill in bed with a good book :-)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

BBQ season!

We are having some fab weather here in the UK at the moment! Loving it.

Sorry for lack of postage! Here is a quick recap...

Friday was my day off so started with a bowl of strawbs and natural yogurt. Then off to the pet shop to get supplies and then £stretcher for some plant pots.

Went to see one of my best mates Nat to see her 2 new kitties! Soooooooooooooooo cute!!!

Then stopped off at starbucks on the way home for a caramel lite frappachino- god I love thoses. And not too bad at 3 ww points for a grande. It feels like a real treat.

Lunch I was running sooo late and was starving and hate to stop at another friends so stopped at Macdonoalds- I know not healthy but I opted for a chicken sub with salad for 7 points so was not too naughty!!!

After stopping at Cat's for a bit went to B&Q and Homebase to get some more plants etc for the garden. Then got home about 4.20 and spent 2 hours planting and repotting. Also put a hanging basket together.

Dinner was noodles and satay prawn. Really nice :-) Then a few of us went to Cat & Tylers for a few drinkies in the garden. Lush day really :-)

Saturday we went to the Bluebell woods with my sis (Charlotte), Ryan and Connor. Took a picnic and had a fab time. Really nice hot day and great to spend time with my fave people.

Then back home for more gardening pimping. Saturday a load of us are went out and we had a VIP section in the club with Champers. I ended up not having dinner as was rushing to get ready and come 2am Phil was pleading for us to go and get food. So we drunkardly strolled to the kebab shop for a cheeseburger/kebab!! I know bad times.

Sunday was a miracle that I wasn't hungover and for breakfast I had a bowl of Cinnamon Grahams. We then got some free garden furniture of some friends which is great so we can now eat dinner outside!! So for lunch/dinner we had a BBQ. We had burgers (mine was wrapped in a lettuce leaf), beef kebobs, salad, tomato and mozzarella and potato salad. Yummy.

Yesterday I had breakfast outside as it was sooo hot- glass of water and cereal. Then did some work and then sweated it out in the garden planting stuff. Snack was an Activia yogurt.

Lunch I made a prawn and courgette pasta with a homemade pesto I did. Really delish.

For dinner we wanted to use our mini bucket BBQ so we had a chicken breast with sun-dried tomato and basil marinade and teriyaki skewers with salad. The salad was with feta and walnuts- lush!

I was supposed to go to weight watchers weigh in Monday night but I felt like I'd eaten too much and expected a gain so didn't go. But woke up this morning and new there was one at 9.30am. I went and put on 0.5lb so not as terrible as I thought. I think the main reason is since me feeling better from my clod bug thing I hadn't got back into my exercise. Back on track now!

So now to today! Breakfast was poached egg on toast and cup of tea :-)

Lunch I had a veggie burger in a roll with salad. Followed by an Activia yogurt.

In the afternoon I eased myself back in with a 30 min cross trainer workout. Then I chilled out for a bit to read through my two books that arrived this morning. The books to the Sex and the City Movies. I'm not reading the 2nd one until I see the film on Friday though!! Can't wait.

Right off to watch the Lost finale!!!!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Stupid rotten cold!

Still got my cold. So still not feeling up to doing my workouts which is really annoying. Plus the cough I have is one of those annoying ones that never seems to actually do anything. Even though you cough it doesn't clear your through. Pointless!!!
Yesterday was weigh in day. I was feeling a little sick in the morning so could only stomach an activia natural yogurt. Think it could have been the pizza the night before :-(
For a snack I had celery, carrot and a few Doritos with low fat houmous.

Lunch was a small pack of sushi. Not had sushi for a while so it was a nice treat.

An afternoon snack was a nice cuppa with a smartie cookie I made. It's a weight watcher version and they are so yum and work out at 2 points.

Here's the recipe:
Makes 8 cookies- 2 points each

100g low fat spread
50g golden caster sugar/brown sugar
2 tablespoons golden syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
150g plain flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon bicarb of soda
2 x tubes of smarties

1. Preheat oven to gas mark 6/200 c/180 c fan oven

2. Mix the low fat spread and sugar together until pale and fluffy. Then beat in the golden syrup and vanilla extract. Stir in the flour, baking powder and bicarb of soda to form a soft cookie dough.

3. Divide the mix into 8 balls and place on non stick baking tray and press down to form flat circles.

4. Bake in oven for 8-10 mins until golden and slightly risen. Then remove form oven and press 4-5 smarties onto each cookie straight away. leave to cool on tray for 10 mins then transfer to cooling rack.
They will keep for about 3 days in airtight container. Enjoy!!
I then had my weigh in and I wasn't holding out much hope for this week but lost 0.5lb which is better than nothing. Then it was home to have a starter cooked by Phil- vegetable fritters with a poached egg. They are soooo good. Sorry didn't take a pic! Then for dinner we had a roast chicken with veg.

Today I started the day with Weetabix mini's and a cup of coffee. Mid morn I had another smartie cookie :-)

I then popped to see my sis and mum at lunchtime and took my sister into town for an appointment. Got myself a new Terry Pratchett book- "Witches Abroad" and then back home.

Lunch I had some more sushi :-)

Dinner was a chilli beef stirfy with lots of veggies.

Then for pud I made a nice weight watchers pud- Cherry Chocolate pots for 3.5 points each.

Serves 2
425g can of pitted black cherries- drained
10g plain chocolate, melted
150g virtually fat free cherry yogurt
2 x weight watchers Belgian chocolate slices. Each cut into 6 chunks

1. Put half the cherries into a jug/blender and whizz until smooth. Stir in the melted chocolate.

2. Share the choc-cherry sauce between 2 glasses/bowls and arrange the cherries, yogurt and chocolate pieces in alternating layers- yummy!
Finished the night off with left over carrots, celery, doritos and houmous.

Need to get back on track pointing tomorrow. Past couple of days i haven't been very good at it and it's so easy to over eat. MIght also see how I go doing 30 mins on the cross trainer as it would have been a week tomorrow since I last did a workout!!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Wish my cold would go away!!!

Sorry i've not posted for a couple of days. Been busy doing cupcakes, caupcake classes, work and got a cold to top it off too!

So over the past couple of days there has been...

a blender accident....

Cupcake making...

A night out with my best friend with me returning when it was this light outside!

And a few eats.. smoothie, mangoes, pitta pizza, turkey burger, salad and Prawn and chilli buckwheat noodle broth among other things.

Yesterday was not a healthy day- i didn't all day except a banana and then a chinese takeout in the evening- mainly due to being ill from my cold and also from my very late night!

Today me and Phil visited some local woods for a walk round. Sooo pretty. We took lunch with us. Ham salad sarnie, apple, raspberries and Eat Natural bar.

Then we went to Stratford to see one of my best friends Nat who has just moved back from Manchester so I didn't get to see much of her the past few years so that was great to see her and so happy she is only half hour down the road now.

The Lovely Lacey over at Southern Lace is have a giveaway- check it out!

I haven't been able to workout since Wednesday as just not felt well enough. Hope it doesn't impact my weigh in tomorrow too much.

Sorry it's such a short update but we got back so late and I still need to order the online shopping!!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

We have a new Prime minister

Today David Cameron was confirmed as the new PM. Not who I voted for but wish him all the best. We'll see what promises he keeps......

Anyway today started with Oatmeal, almond butter, nutella and walnuts. Oh my it was good. Not had this for a good few days so was so looking forward to it.

Then mucho work was done and very boring it was too. So I won't even bother going into it!

Lunch was the same as yesterday. Salad with hallomi and char-grilled courgettes. Super yummy.

Then more work and a little laundry and then I was feeling peckish and wanted something before my workout. So made a strawberry protein smoothie. Just wizzed together some almond milk, a handful of stawbs and a scoop of strawberry protein powder. It was nice and frothy :-)

Today I did an hour workout on the crosstrainer and finished watching love actually on it. Hugh Grant *swoon* ;-)
Then dinner time was some lovely steam salmon with a squeeze of lemon and chopped dill. Salad and courgette and carrot fritters.

For pud I had some strawbs, natural yogurt and blueberries. Yummy
I also felt the munchies a bit later on so had a bowl of cereal. Maple pecan crunch. Really nice.
Then sat down to watch supersize v superskinny and Heston's 80's feast. However for the last few hours our cooker keeps igniting and we can't stop it. Not even by turning it off at the mains. It's 11pm now and don't really want to go to sleep with it still on!!!

Tomorrow I have a few conference calls in and a fair bit of work to get through but want to set aside some time to read "Crunch Time". So far this week I've worked pretty much non stop through the day and just stopping for lunch- normal I know but I'm working from home at the mo!
Anyway bedtime! Night all xx

Monday, 10 May 2010

Weigh in Monday

Well I started the day with a bowl of Maple and Pecan crunch. Twas yummy. No pic sorry! It is a Monday after all!!

Then did some work (boring) and then at lunchtime I walked to the swimming pool and did 30 mins hardcore in there and then walked back home.
I was starving when I got home so made a delish salad with my home-grown lettuce, baby tomatoes, pine nuts, char-grilled courgette and hallomi. Was sooo yummy.

For a snack I wanted to have a mango as well but when I cut into it, it was over ripe. So had an Activia cherry yoghurt with some muesli sprinkled instead :-)

Then more work....then the shopping arrived so put that away. Did some washing, changed bed sheets... again boring things!!
Here are some pics of some of the things I'm growing in the garden. We've got strawberries, herbs (chives, mint, coriander, thyme, dill, marjoram, parsley), tomato plants, chilli, peas, lettuces, potatoes. So should have a nice little lot this year.

At weigh in tonight I lost half lb. Which I was really pleased with as wasn't sure I'd lose any.

After weigh in as you know we treat ourselves. So we had lightened up chicken parmesan with ravioli and asparagus. And some doritos and dip too!

We both watched Flashforward and pineapple dance studios (love that program) and then bedtime!

Q: What is your favourite way to treat yourself?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Weekend has flown by!

There was so much I wanted to do this weekend but just didn't get time!!

Yesterday we went to Bloxfest. It was a mini festival in my village and it was really good. Except the weather wasn't very good. If the sun had been out it would have been a fantastic day. We left there about 3pm and Phil dropped me off at Lydia's house to have a few drinks with Lydia and Cat. Anyway add many more drinks and my best friend Niccie driving 3 hours to join us and I finally get to bed at 1am!

My sister Charlotte and my little nephew Connor at Bloxfest (they are in the middle)

Today with a slight hangover Phil made an egg and bacon muffin! Sorry no pic. However it felt really heavy in my tummy and I really wish I'd had some cereal instead.

Me and Phil went to Leicester to watch the play off semi finals Leicester FC v Cardiff. At the ground they only sell pukka pies and hotdogs. Not very nutritious. We sometimes go to Nando's but we didn't have time today so I made a packed lunch. Ham salad roll, tub of tomatoes, eat natural bar, apple and also had a packet of weightwatcher crisps.

We lost the game 0-1 which was frustrating. We are still in with a chance if we beat cardiff on their own ground on Wednesday. We popped in to see Phil's Dad and Stepmum on the way home. Here are a few pics from the game.

Paul Gallagher taking a corner

Our mascot Filbert the Fox


Once home I started the dinner straight away. Made a sausage stew. It's a nice cheap meal that's a regular for us :-)

Then I had to do the online shop. This weeks meals are:

T- Salmon, veg and courgette fritter
W- Lemon & thyme chicken with salad and jacket potato
T- Turkey meatballs and wholegrain pasta
F- Turkey burgers and salad
S- Chilli beef buckwheat noodles
S- tuna fishcakes and salad

Right bedtime for me!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Woo hoo Friday!

Today It was my day off which was fab!! Had a lay in until about 8.45 as we stayed up to watch some of the election footage.

Breakfast was 2 oatibix. I'm not as keen on these as normal weetabix but still taste ok.

I then went into town and had a little look round but didn't get anything except pay for the parking ticket! As it was my day off i decided to go see my sister...she wasn't in. So i thought i'll pop in and see mum...wasn't in. So I thought i'll go see my best friend Cat...NOT IN! Lol.

So went home and watched an episode of Biggest Loser Austrailia. Tonight is the finale! Then I experimented with a new cupcake flavour- Lime and Coconut. I only tried a bite of one just to check the flavour. Pretty yummy actually.

Lunch was a pitta pizza with salad. I had a little grilled hallomi on my salad- yummy! I love these wholemeal pitta pizza's. They work out at 3.5 points each!

I then did 30 mins on the cross trainer (I'm watching Love actually at the mo while i'm on it). Then spent 15 mins doing shuttle runs and skipping. God running is so hard! I have a long way to go!

Lydia popped round for a catch up and then I got dinner on the go. I did egg fried rice with veg, prawns and chicken. I use fry light and wholegrain rice so it's healthy. It was really yummy. And worked out at 7 points for a nice big portion.

Then at 9pm me and Phil went swimming for 45 mins. I worked pretty hard. Please I managed 2 workouts today.
After swimming I was starving so had a bowl of Maple Pecan Crunch cereal.

So now i'm sat in bed knackered! Off to read Michelle Bridges Crunch Time- yes it arrived today!!!!!! Looking forward to reading it.

Tomorrow we are going to Bloxfest which is a big village fayre in the village my parents live in and where I grew up.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days. My bad.
I didn't go to weigh in on Monday so not sure how I did this week but pretty sure I didn't lose weight as we ate out twice! And I went for yummy options!!

For breakie this morning I had 2 poached eggs on soya linseed toast as I was really craving it. Sorry forgot to take pic!

Then did a few hours work whilst also trying to get tickets to Leicester V Cardiff game this saturday and it took hours until I got through!!! But I got them some hooray! And Phil will be happy :-)

Then a 45 minute workout on the cross trainer whilst watching Sex and the City Movie (1)- Not long till number 2 now!!!!
Lunch was grilled chicken breast on cous cous.

Watched episode of Biggest Loser Australia. Love that programme. I want Tiffany to win. I'm still waiting for my Michelle Bridges- Crunch Time to arrive! I got excited when the post came through the letterbox this morning but nope :-( Maybe tomorrow!

Afternoon snack was Eat Natural with Blueberries, pistachios and yoghurt coating. I can't tell you how good these bars are!!!

I also ate another bag of spicy seaweed! Not sure I should buy this anymore as I just keep eating it!!! Mind you it's only 40grams per bag so it's not massive! But it is sooooo good.

Dinner is Salmon fillet with vegetable fritters and salad with feta cheese and toasted pinenuts.

Tonight me and Phil plan to have a pamper night. Face packs etc! Yes I love him sooo much that he also does girly things! Lol. I soooo hope he doesn't read this as he'll kill me! But here is proof!