Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Cakin crazy

Hi guys, sorry for not posting for a few days. Had my best friends wedding at the weekend. Was sooo lovely and Catherine was gorgeous. I've attached a pic of her, me and Rachel (her sis). Food- well I wasn't being good. buffet food the friday night, cooked breakie on Sat and sun!!!

I've done loads of baking this week. Yesterday was caramel cupcakes and today was chocolate orange cupcakes. Yesterday I also did a cupcake class. Attached a pic of the cakes I thought them how to make.

Food wise today. Breakfast was porridge with PB and nutella. Lunch was tortilini and a tomato pasta sauce. Dinner was a jacket potato with light cream cheese, bacon and salad. Then some chicken soup before bed. I think I am getting a cold. Must try and fight it off as too busy for a cold!!!

Right sorry for the short post but it's way past my bedtime :-)

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wedding preparations


How's everyone's day been?

Mines been ok. Pic of last nights dinner: wholemeal chicken wrap with salad and parmasan sweet potato fries :-)

Breakfast this morning was a breakfast buritto. Filled with 3 scrambled egg whites and 2 rashers of sliced bacon (fat removed) and a splosh of tabasco. Yum.

I then went to the supermarket for baking supplies. Cupcakes made today where white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes and apple and blackberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Foodgasmic. Defo going to the top of the flavours list.

Mum popped round to see the house and I then took some cuppies to my nan. She is one of my chief tasters along with Phil :-)

I skipped lunch- I know, don't know how it happened. Before I knew it, it was 5pm!!! My sis, Ryan, connor and my bro and his girlfriend popped round and then when phil got home I cracked on with dinner: pad thai ( with brown rice noodles).

Then a nice long soak in the bath. Major shaving, exfoliating and moisturing done! Having a spray tan tomorrow for my best friends wedding on saturday. I'm bridesmaid so I'm nervous too! We are going to the hotel friday and coming back sunday. It should be a fantastic weekend.

I lost 2.5lbs this week. Yay! I've had a bit of a slow couple of months- totally my fault. But getting my mojo back.

The other pic is of Daisy exploring our new garden!!! I won't tell you the story of her falling in the pond yesterday....

Right bed time!

Jess xx
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Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Morning campers. Yesterday for breakfast I made a cherry-choc smoothie. I've wanted to try one for ages. I know fitnessista has her version and t looks delish. I did the one out of The Biggest Loser cookbook. It was devine.

Lunch yesterday was a tomato soup and wholegrain bread. And dinner was spaghetti and meatballs- another recipe from the BL cookbook. And I've saved 3 meatballs to have a wholegrain meatball sub at lunch- another from BL. I'm hoping it hits the spot like the meatball marinara from subway as I lurve them but hefty on calories.

Breakfast today was an egg puff ala fitnessista.

Lunch was the meatball sub and dinner is a chicken steak wrap- another BL recipe.

Right I need to go to the shops and get some more unpacking done!!

Jess xx
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Friday, 17 September 2010

Can feel winter coming

Brrrr it's getting cold here now in the UK. Think we will light the open fire tomorrow- so chuffed we have an open fire in our new home :-)

Breakfast this morning was a banana with a splodge of peanut butter.

I then dropped a cupcake order off then went to my dad's to do some work for him and to use the internet. God I hate not having internet!!

Lunch was a chicken salad sandwich and erm *cough* a cupcake. Bad bad bad! But yum!!!! Epic fail.

I then decorated some cupcakes for a babyshower I'm going to tomorrow.

Dinner I made a saag aloo followed by a prawn curry. It was a weightwatcher recipe at only 1.5 points. The saag aloo was 2 points and I had 3 points worth of rice. Feast!!

Right time to chillax on the sofa with my lover!!

Jess xx
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Thursday, 16 September 2010

My day of tranquillity

Hi peeps, as I mentioned yesterday today I was having a chill day.

After a nice lie in I had scrambled eggs and smoked salmon again for breakfast. Then watched some TV and made some cupcakes for an order. Lunch was tortorlini pasta with light dolmio and low fat cheese.

In the afternoon I read a bit of "mindless eating" and watched some Project Runway.

Then I tried out the biggest loser wii game. So far so good. Created my profile and did my workout asigned for today. It was 20 mins core cardio circuit and a 6 min warm up and cool down. I was sweating loads!! I've not done much exercise for a while. Then I had a nice soak in the bath with a hair pack.

Dinner was lean rumpsteak with salad with a chopped boiled egg and couple of salad potatoes.

We then fancied some comfort food which we shouldn't have really had but it was yummy oatmeal with peanut butter, nutella and a few chopped walnuts.

Right bedtime!!
Jess xx
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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Can't wait for tomorrow!

Phew busy few days. After breakie I had some cupcakes to decorate and deliver. I also dropped some off at the vets as one of my bunnies has flystrike last week and nearly died but the vets did a fab job. I also made some to take to our new neighbours later.

After dropping off cakes I went to my parents to do some work for my dad ( I have no internet until next week so had to use his computer). Then popped to see my sister as she passed her driving text- yay! I was starving when I got there so had a bowl of soup and bread.

Dinner tonight was chicken and bacon salad. So yum.

My biggest loser cookbook and wii game arrived today. I'll let you know what I think- anyone used them?

Reason I'm looking for tomorrow- I've booked a tranquillity day for myself. I've been super busy and stressed and my oracle cards keep telling me to get some tranquillity and when I went to a spiritual medium last week she said the same. So I plan to have a lay in. Have a nice breakfast and lunch. Read some books, have a bath and pamper and maybe watch a film. Going to turn my phone off so no distractions!!

When was the last time you took a day just for yourself?

Jess xx
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Zumba-not so good

So I mentioned I was going to a zumba class last night. I was looking forward to it but was really disappointed. There was no warm up and we went straight into really fast moves and I pulled a muscle almost straight away. She didn't go through the moves, we were told just to copy her. Nearly everyone was struggling. It was so fast and complicated, you could see everyone getting disheartened. It was our first zumba class so was expecting something a bit easier. Now I'm not sure if all zumba classes are like that but it's the only one in my town. Think I'll give zumba a miss!

Food wise yesterday was porridge for breakie, Innocent veg dahl pot for lunch. Banana and peanut butter for snack then chicken cacciatore for dinner.

So far today I've had scramble eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast.

Right off to the shops for baking supplies, I have cupcakes to decorate!!

Jess xx
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Monday, 13 September 2010

New House!

Well we have moved! So happy we are in our new house. But that also meant takeaway 3 nights in a row! Not good. Food intake has been crazy. Dread to think of the calories I've had.

Back on track now!

I won't have internet until next week so blogging from my phone so sorry about no pictures.

Today for breakfast was porridge and lunch was sushi. Yum!!

Dinner tonight is sesame pork noodles- a weight watchers recipe. Hopefully phil will finish putting the cross trainer up. I'm also doing a zumba class tomorrow night- bit nervous!! Plus we are living right in the countryside so lots of nice places to walk.

Right I need to do more unpacking! It's endless!!

Jess xx
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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

2 days until we move!!

Packing like a madwoman! Still loads to do before Friday, why do we have soooo much stuff. Didn't make weightwatchers this week either which is bad. Must try harder!

Anyway some eats from yesterday. Sorry no pics as packed the camera lead away!

Breakfast has been weetabix for most days this week. Love it!

Ham salad roll and an orange for lunch.

Dinner was lean steak and salad. Yum!

However snacks in the day was syrup sponge cake...major fail!

Today was weetabix for breakfast, ham salad roll for lunch and a fab lolly (i'm using stuff up from the freezer but they are only 1.5 points) and dinner pork lasagne which was a weight watchers recipe. It's a 4 person recipe so we will have it tomorrow as well as we are turning off the fridge and freezer tonight!!

Exercise wise i've done nothing. With moving etc and Phil taking down the cross trainer it's given me more excuses not to do it. I'm feeling crap for it as well so once the move is done I need to do more. At least 3 times a week of 30 mins at the minimum. I'm going to a zumba class on Tuesday with Cat so hopefully i'll enjoy that and may go every week if I enjoy it.

I've still not found a job :-( Funds are getting seriously low now and i'm starting to panic about xmas! Hoping something comes up very soon. The cupcakes doesn't bring in enough money unfortunately.


Friday, 3 September 2010

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Sorry i've been crap at posting, this moving malarky is crazy!!! One week today we'll be in our new house!!!

Anyway here's a few eats this week. I've been good most of the week but today not! Had afternoon tea with the girls and I made loads of baked treats! Need to try and be good over the weekend. I really need a weight loss at weight watchers on Tuesday as I've been struggling for a while.

Sweetcorn and bacon chowder (weight watchers recipe)

Prawn and lite mayo jacket spud with salald

Afternoon tea

I've managed to get a few vintage china peices this week. I collect them. For two reasons I want an English Tea Party theme for my wedding one day and I also want to set up a Vintage China Hire business to go along side Once I get some pictures (they are all packed away) I'll post some up.

Today I also did some anniversary cupcakes.

Right I need to go and do some more packing and get the dining room ready for tomorrows cupcakes class!