Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I want some sunshine

More snow expected! I'm getting fed up of the bloody stuff!!! Hoping this year we have a fab summer and also hope me and Phil get a hol abroad this year. Would have been 2 years since our last one which was a holiday from hell!! Last year was tough for us with us both losing our jobs and this week Phil has lost his again! We can't seem to catch a break. Keep your fingers crossed he finds another soon!

Done my workout for today- mixture of skipping, steps and circuits. Did it outside and it started to rain- did i stop? Hell no kept going, sopping wet now! Lol. But pleased i carried on- the old me would have used it as an excuse.

Can't wait for some nice weather to do more outside. I really want a bike for my birthday so going to ask people to give me money to go towards it.

Tonight for tea was going to be a cottage pie (with turkey mince) but i'm craving a curry so made the turkey mince into meatballs (mix with egg, breadcrumbs, chilli, spices, ginger and onion) and make a nice curry sauce with reduced fat coconut milk- will be 9 points plus 3 points of brown rice.

Right i'm off for a nice hot bath :-)

"Believe it, be it"

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