Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow trek...done!

Well as you know from my last post we are snowed in with no supplies so this morning, I went on a 6 mile snow trek to get supplies. Now 6 miles may not sound too far to walk but when you are more than knee high in snow it's hard work! I can really feel it in my legs now, but on the plus side it was exercise and I took some nice pictures.

Our Willow Tree

This is our drive

And our back garden! Wipeout

Anyway once i was back from the shops I made a brunch for me and phil, egg, sausage, beans. Naughty but was really appreciated.

Then this afternoon we had some tomato soup to warm up. Dinner was going to be a roast dinner but Phil is still poorly and it's not worth me doing one for just me. So i'll just throw soething together for myself with what I have here.

Our neighbour (farmer) said are going to try and clear the road tomorrow which would be ace so I can get to the supermarket and get some proper food in, plus I want to get most of the christmas stuff in so I don't have to worry about it.

Right i'm off for a hot batch and read my book. Then i'll be reading some blogs to get some more motivation and meal ideas.


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  1. wow, that IS a long walk when the snow is knee deep! :) your property looks beautiful though, I love when it snows. we live quite remote also, and past the county line, so when we get snowed in we are IN. I like to get the snow shoes on and run around out there, though!