Tuesday, 25 August 2009

2nd week done and so far so good.

Sorry i haven't posted for a while! Been super busy.

My 1st week i lost 3.5 lbs and OH lost 4lbs and this week we both lost 3.5lbs which we are really chuffed about. Need it to keep coming off.

This Sat we are on holiday for 5 days so saving up points but going to "relax" the points a bit so not sure a loss is on the cards next tuesday? Going to the seaside so fish and chips is a must!!

I've been really good at planning meals for the week so need to keep this up, find it's what eeps me and track.

Not been doing much exercise thou so need to try and factor a bit into our routine. Got to dust off the cross trainer!!!!

Hope everyone else has had a good week

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