Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sorry for lack of posting!

God i've not updated this for ages. Sorry to those who follow. Been super busy starting a new job and just kept on forgetting!

Good news is 2 weeks ago I joined ww meetings. I was doing online but I think I need the support of meetings. So far everyone is fab and the leader is really nice. I've lost 3lb so far as I stayed the same this week (time of the month).

Got some fab ww cook books so I can get lots of recipe ideas so I can vary the dinners we have. One of the books is "Take-out Tonight" as I lurve chinese takeaway and there are some fab ones in there along with lots of other cuisines.

Tonight I'm having prawn noodle stir fry and then a ww choc top pud which are sooo yummy, i put mine in the microwave for 20 secs so the icecream melts a bit, heavenly!

Right thought i'd set some mini goals:

21st Dec 2009- lose 1 stone
14th Feb 2010-lose 2 stone
2nd April 2010-lose 3 stone


  1. Hi hope you don't mind me popping by! I too have been struggling with my weight for years and am at my heaviest ever. I too just rejoined WW and into my first week. (yet again!)
    I wish you a happy week and hope you get a nice result at those scales!
    Lisa x

  2. We just launched a website called TallyZoo -- for tracking, graphing, and sharing personal data. It is great for fitness goals, business goals, etc. As someone who is improving their health, an entrepreneur, and project manager -- we would really appreciate your thoughts.

    I apologize for posting this here, in this blog, I didn't see a way to email you. T

    Have a great 2010