Thursday, 4 March 2010

Still going good

Lost 1lb this week. It wasn't the 2lb i wanted but seeing as i lost 5lb last week it will do! I'm hoping for 2lb for next WI. My 1st mini goal is to have lost 1 stone by 29th March. I have 2lb so i reach that so i should def beat it!

Still exercising hard and eating well. I went swimming today as i used to be a great swimmer when i was younger and i want to get that back. Want to try and go at least once a week to combine with my cross trainer, skipping, power walking, circuits etc. I think if i do a mix it will give me a better workout and keep me interested.

I have ordered some sculptress shakes and capsules from as heard a lot about them and thought i'd give them a try as i had a £5 off voucher. If anyone wants it you enter max10 at checkout. I'll post updates on how i find them or if they are just a waste of money!

I've been thinking a lot still about what i'll look like when i'm slim- I can't wait and the difference is this time is I actually know i wil be! I will not fail.

I made a motivation board which is stuck on my wardrobe. Pic below- sorry if it's not good quality. I look at it to motivate me. I've not finished it so can keep adding to it. i have sayings on there, some healthy foods, colours, a baby represents that i want to be healthy when we try for a baby etc.

How is everyone else doing?
"Be it, Believe it"

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  1. Well done on your loss, you should be really pleased with yourself, your doing great and managing a loss after 5lbs last week is great.

    The board on the fridge is a great idea, I have a pic of my bikini on mine that I want to wear on my honeymoon in July.

    Keep it up!