Wednesday, 31 March 2010

1 little pound

Only lost 1lb this week. Dissappointed as I feel i worked hard this past week but I suppose a loss is a loss.

It's my birthday friday and we are going out for dim sum for lunch and then Phil is cooking me a meal in the evening, trying to do extra exercise and save a few points for it but hope i still get a loss on monday.

Bike arrived!! yay! we need to finish getting it together, it was quite hard and i'm worried it's not safe as i'm obviously heavy!! Plus i got on it and forgot how to ride a bike! Lol!!!

My treat snack of the week is Caxton pink and whites! Yummy Marshmallow wafers and only 0.5 points.

Meal Plan this week:

W: Turkey chilli con carne
T: Turkey kofta curry
F: Don't know as Phil is cooking me a suprise meal!
S: Cauliflower, potato and spinach curry
S: Prawn and veg udon noodles
M: Southern fried chicken and homemade oven chips- found a healthy southern fried chicken recipe in one of my mags which works out at 5.5 points for 2 peices of chicken.

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