Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Oh dear

1lb on this week. Mind you i was expecting worse as last week was not that good. Did not do as much exercise and just didn't watch what i ate. It was Phil's birthday at the weekend which meant lots of naughty foods! I dreaded WI but i went and was glad it wasn't too bad of a gain.

So refocus this week. Have upped my cross trainer to 60 mins now and my personal best for 60 mins is 19.4k. I do need to do more resistence though so must build more of that in. Just come back from argos with some bigger weights as i only had 1kg hand weights and now have a set of 3 at 1.5kg, 3kg and 5kg. So that should be a bit of a better workout!

Need to plan next weeks meals so going to have a little look now through my recipe books, weightwatchers esource and some other sites. Next Friday is my birthday so i have decided i won't point that day but eat less the days either side. Me and Phil are going to have lunch at a dim sum restaurant and then he's going to cook me a meal in the evening. Yummy!

I have been having my maxitone after workouts but it says to have at least twice a day but that would get sooooo expensive. Might see if there are any similar products for a bit less. Anyone got any ideas?

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