Tuesday, 8 June 2010


So sorry for not posting for a little while. Just been a bit busy which is no excuse!

Good news is I lost 2lb this week. Had my weigh in last night and I was really surprised as wasn't expecting to lose any. Need to get back on track with the exercise!

Today for breakie I had Nestle Honey Oats & More- they are so so yummy. My new fave cereal!

Was really busy with work today. I have a project going live this week and it's been throwing all sort of problems out so it'snot been fun. Also today was a massive disappointment as this Thursday I'm due for an operation. I've been told I need 2 weeks off and then I can work from home for a number of weeks after that. But I only have 8 days paid sick days left as i've not been at the company for a year. I was told by my boss originally I could book the 2nd week as holiday but now she is saying she can't. Me and Phil have had a lot of money problems for the past 18 months with losing jobs etc so my salary basically keeps us afloat. I can't afford not to be paid. So I told my boss I have no option but to return to work (from home) after a week. God knows how i'll feel. I just really want a job that I love :-(

Anyway doom and gloom over!

Lunch was a souper affair :-)

Then more work :-(

After working I made some walnut and carrot bread, was really nice. You can find the easy recipe here. I had a piece dipped in balsamic vinegar :-) and then another slice with honey :-)

Dinner I made a morroccan lamb tagine with cous cous, really yummy dinner.

I went to Rachel's house while Phil was at football practice. We are planning Cat's hen do so had lots of fun putting the goody bags together!!

Now i'm in bed after a stressful day and praying for that lottery win again so I can leave the stinky job and focus on my cake business!

Ok the pics for today are of our 2 house rabbits Muffin (black & white) and Poppy (white). Cuteness!

Ok question for today: If you could do any job in the world what would you do? Mine would be running a little animal shelter for rabbits and small pets. Love those little critters! Poppy was from a rescue home and there are so many pets just left unwanted by owners :-(


  1. the little white bunny looks like a stuffed animal. I thought it was a toy until i looked at the second photo lol They are so cute!

  2. She is a fluffy monster! Sometimes I call her Rod Stewart! x

  3. I have a bunny too. His name is Fluffy, because he has long, light brown hair. Does your bunnies run free in your place? If I let my Fluffy out of cage, he instantly run to cables and use his sharp teeth.

  4. They don't run free all the time. They have an indoor cage and they are aloud out to run around when we are in the house. Muffin is also a nightmare and is nicknamed the destroyer as he also loves wires! So when they are out the living room and dining room doors are kept shut so they have free run of the conservatory, kitchen and hallway.