Thursday, 27 May 2010

Day at Alton Towers

Today me and Phil went to Alton Towers. It's about a 2 hour drive away. Today was always going to be non healthy!

Breakfast was a sausage egg mcmuffin from McDonalds. Lunch was a peri peri chicken breast burger with fries. I didn't eat the bun and didn't eat all the fries.

Alton Towers is massive and you are pretty much walking all day. I'm actually writing this part of the blog in the queue for a brand new ride called THI3TEEN. We have a 90 minute wait- it better be good!

Tomorrow I can't wait to see the sex & the city 2. I've booked my ticket at 5pm and going by myself! No one else can make it until next week and I cannot wait that long!!

Ok the ride was good. Not amazingly fast but still good. It had a freefall drop involved and then went backwards. So took you by surprise a bit!

It's a long day and now we are home and it's not even 9pm and we are thinking of going up to bed.
I'm feeling really groggy because I've put so much crap in my body today. We got a banana and chocolate pancake there too and whilst the 1st bite was nice it made me feel sick and have had a headache since. Plus had a kitkat in the 90 minute queue too. See I know this food makes me feel crap so why do I eat it?!!

I've put some pics on from today but uploading from my blackberry and can't work out how to move them!!

Night all and sorry for a bit of a boring blog today. It has not been a healthy day at all!!!

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