Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Helloooo. Hope everyone is ok?

Busy week this week so not had much time to blog. Been doing lots of PR/marketing work for dad as i'm a jobless bum at the mo! So week has been meeting web designers, updating websites and getting some marketing sorted.

Tuesday evening I met some of the girls for dinner and drinks at a local pub. Some of the girls I hadn't seen for a while but we all met up at my cousin's 30th last weekend so making more of an effort to keep in contact.

Of course I had cupcake orders to do and I had a cupcake class yesterday. Here is a pic of the lovely girl who took the 121 class.
And today I did a kids birthday party.
Me and Phil go on holiday this saturday with my sister, Ryan and little Connor. Cannot wait. We are going to Cromer (UK). We go every year- normally camping but this year we have a caravan. So this week I have lots to get sorted.

Tomorrow shopping with mum for vintage china in charity shops and to get a few holiday clothes. Then muffin has an appointment at the vets for his booster jabs- lucky rabbit!!! :-0

Then rest of the week will be filled with work for dad, cleaning, packing (for holiday), packing (the house), cupcake orders and maybe a little chillout!

I've been rubbish at taking pics of food this weekend but here's a few:

Salmon with jacket (little low fat cheese), sweetcorn, and courgette (zucchini)

Wholemeal pitta with ham, tomato, little hummus and lowfat cheese

Lunch on the go!

Fruit salad

Prawn stirfry


  1. Love the food pics! Everything looks gorgeous. Beyootiful cupcakes as well. Hope Muffin isn't too tramatised by his trip to the vets :-)

  2. hi jess, just wondered if you could tell me about your sunlova bike? im looking to get one but cant see your review of it on your blog, what did you think of it? xx