Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Slim Fast day 3

Hi guys, I posted a few days ago that i'm going onto slim fast for a week or maybe 2. It's not something i'd normally consider as I'm more about eating healthy food but due to eating so much on holiday I want to let my stomach get used to eating smaller portions again. We'll see how it goes. Day 3 and not so bad. Obviously i'm not going to post my breakfast and lunch pics as it's slimfast- nothing interesting. But will mention some of the snacks and dinners.

I had an awesome salad form Marks @ Spencer on Sunday. Defo buying that again.

Monday snacks included: apple, 2 ryvita with hummus. Dinner was chicken and veg stirfry

Tuesday snacks included: 2 ryvita with hummus and a small piece of chocolate brownie (not healthy but I made them so had to try :-0) Dinner was spaghetti bolagnase with lean beef and homemade marinara

Today my day consisted of meeting with a lady called joy to talk about my dad's website.

Made some cupcakes

and did house stuff and work for my dad. I had to stay in all day to have my blackberry swapped as it's broken. But they didn't come- some technical problem! Very annoyed as I stayed in all day!! It's coming Thursday now- I hope!

Today I have a major sushi craving so might go to Oxford for some Yo Sushi tomorrow :-) Also means I can go to Bravissimo to get a new sports bra and a strapless bra. I love bravissimo- it's a lush bra shop for the bigger boob'd ladies!

Right it's bedtime!!

Jess xx

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  1. You're a brave woman - good luck hope you get a great result! And that salad looked seriously lush...