Monday, 22 November 2010

Looking for motivation

Hi guys,

As you've probably noticed i've been blogging less and well i've been eating rubbish and not exercising much. I really have seem to have lost my mojo and i'm really struggling to get it back.My body feels tired all them time and i'm fed up of being overweight and unhealthy. Anyone got any words of wisdom/tips etc to get me back on track? Would love to hear comments from peeps.

I think it's mainly because i've been out of work since July ans still have nothing on the cards. So this means we barely scrape by every month and i'm having to buy really cheap food and i'm struggling to come up with healthy things on a budget and also been at home on my own most of the day, i'm feeling a bit of a hermit and a bit like a failure at the mo. Sorry to be such a depressing post!!!! Trying to remain positive. Wish the cupcake business would bring in enough pennies for us to live off!!

Anyway any helps is soo appreciated.

Jess xx

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  1. Oh - big, big hugs to you! I don't suppose the dark nights and mornings help much either - I know I've been in a bit of a funk lately.

    So, probably you don't need telling that eating healthily and, even more importantly, exercise will help your mood - even if it just getting out for a walk each day, a bit of fresh air to blow away the cobwebs might help.

    And as for healthy foods on a budget - the advantage of this time of year is all the root veg that are around and perfect for stews and soups and the like, and not too pricey. I also find that planning my meals to within an inch of my life helps me spend less cos I don't end up with a load of stuff that I'm not planning to use.

    Chin up honey, I'm sure you'll soon feel better - just looking at the pictures of your cupcakes always makes me smile :)