Friday, 26 November 2010

TGI Friday!

Hi guys,

Hope everyone is ok. Frosting morning here in Oxfordshire. Ear muffs on today!

Breakfast this morning was a wholegrain bagel with lowfat soft cheese and smoked salmon, yummyness.

One of my best friends is coming down from up north to stay with us for the weekend so i need to go to town to get some things for cocktails! Cosmopolitan and Lychee martinis :-) Tonight for dinner is a warming cottage pie with veg. Not sure what lunch will be today. Depends if i'm home in town or out and about.

Also need to do some cleaning and get things in order before Niccie arrives. Hoovering and sorting out the living room as it's a bit cluttered!! We are having a night in tonight with a few drinks and playing Just Dance on the wii so at least that will be some exercise!

Then tomorrow night we are off out to an Urban night so will be dancing the night away. Still not got back into a workout routine. I think i need to set a weekly plan. Mixing the Biggest Loser workout, cross trainer and one of my other workout dvds. I just keep delaying it!

Today I also plan to do my meal plan next week. As we are on a really tight budget i'm going to try and do what I can with healthy meals. Including a lot of veg as we receive a veg box every wednesday night and always lots of goodies in there.

Sorry for lack of pics!

Here is a snuggly Daisy to cheer you up!

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