Tuesday, 9 November 2010

When the weather outside is frightful...

Sooo sorry I haven't posted for over a week. I've been in a bit of a gloomy place. Mixture of dreary weather and not having a job. feeding ourselves is becoming quite difficult with no money. So meals haven't been fantastic, it's been operation use what's in the cupboards. So lots of pasta, potatoes, cous cous, random freezer stuff etc. I'm really hating it as I lurve cooking and love nothing better than looking for delish healthy recipes to cook.

I have a little money to get some food shopping today but not a lot. Things on the menu this week are mexican potatoes, healthy turkey lasagne, Veg risotto and spanish chicken thighs.

On a good note I have an interview tomorrow! Yay! It's for a care assistant in a nursing home. Totally different to what i've done (IT Project management) and about a £25,000 pay drop but I've always wanted to do a job that's worthwhile, helping people. I was scared before as I got caught up in the corporate world, getting promoted and a bigger pay rise that I couldn't possibly leave my high paid job for such a low salary. But now I have nothing so it's not as scary, i'll be getting something. I just want to know I have a certain amount of money coming in each month and I can try and make extra with the Cupcake business. Wish me luck for my interview!!

Today we have our letting agents coming for a house inspection and then I have a laday coming to sample cupcakes for her wedding. Then food shopping.

The weather here has changed so much, it's so cold and rainy. I love the winter but hate the rain that comes with it!!!

Right I'm off to eat some breakfast. Catch ya laters.



  1. good luck for the interview :) xx

  2. Very commendable taking such a pay cut to do something you enjoy!

    Hope the cupcake business works out for you.

    Have you ever tried making matcha green tea cupcakes?