Thursday, 6 January 2011


Guys, I'm so excited about my new job, cannot wait to get into the swing of things.

Today I had mornflake muesli with almond milk- yum. Then my mum popped round for a bit so we just chatted and watched a bit of morning TV.

For lunch I had left over stew from last night with a slice of bread. Heaven.

Then I went into town to exchange a few things and got 2 pairs of shoes for £13 but only paid £3 as I was exchanging something for £10 BARGIN.

Back home I did some housey stuff and had a couple of prawn sui mai as a snack. I did some more work on my inspiration board and read for a bit.

Dinner tonight was spanish chicken with potatoes, red onion and chorizo. I'll put the recipe up as it's crazy amazing.

Anyway I need some sleep!

Bye for now

Jess xx
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