Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Happy Hump day!

Hi guys,

Well i've done 3 days in my new job and I'm loving it. It's a bit of getting used to in terms of being at work in the day but it much less stressful than my project management jobs and being 5 mins down the road is soooo nice! Everyone is lovely at work as well. I've only worked for massive corporates before where I was just a number, here it's a much smaller business and you feel you matter.

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs with smoked salmon as I had some in the freezer I needed to use, and it's one of my favourite breakfasts :-)

Lunch and snacks throughout the day: Chocolate rice milk, fruit and nuts, homemade peanut and choc chip granola bar with flax seeds, carrot sticks, activia yoghurt and a ham sandwich on wholegrain bread.

Our boiler has broke as we run out of oil as the letting agent told us how to read the tank wrong so no heating an hot water and as it's winter here it's not good! Plus we are having to go to mum and dad's after work for showers. Nightmare. As we got back late from showers etc we were naughty and got fish and chips. Bad I know.

Before going to mum and dad's I did a 15 minute meditation. I'm try to do it as much as poss and with yoga to calm my mind. I'm really not sleeping well at the moment. I have a sleep meditation which I had on the ipod when i went to sleep last night and it worked so think i'm going to do that for a while.

I'm looking at ways to improve my fertility as lately i'm been having major worries that when we decide to have kids we won't be able to. So even though we aren't planning to have any yet i'm putting things in place now to try and help- if anyone has any good resources they know of let me know.

Anyway bed time for me.

Jess xx

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