Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Well xmas is now over and tomorrow is back on the ww wagon. WI tomorrow night so i can see what the damage is!

Didn't point over xmas and was ill for most of it, 1st with swine flu and then in hospital with gal bladder inflamation! So been trying to eat better, lots more superfoods and drinking herbal tea.

For xmas I got "Miss Dahl's Voluptious Delights" and it's fab, lots of healthy recipes in there. Had the beetroot soup today which was yummy but my hands are bright pink!!!!! This week i'm doing figs with ricotta and thyme honey and baked acorn squash. Yum.

Hoping this is the year for me. Treating my body with respect instead of a garbage can. 30 Nov was a year thar i stopped smoking so i've already done one great thing for my health and now need to lose the weight. I don't want be unhealthy anymore, when we start having kids i want to set a good example.

Hope everyone is ok and that 2010 is a year for all of us!!!


  1. Hi! I hope you are feeling better - I gave up smoking three years ago, the best thing I ever did! You will start to see/feel the benefit soon! Good luck for the weigh in, the fig recipe sounds fab - let us know what it is like!
    Claire xx

  2. Giving up smoking is extremely hard, I've seen my parents try so many times and fail. You have done amazing to stop that and Im sure that eating healthy will come naturally to you.

    That book sounds wonderful. I will have to check it out.

    Good luck