Tuesday, 12 January 2010


2 loss this week!! Very pleased with that. Was very good all week but had a slip up on Saturday.
There was an incident with a Burger king XL Bacon Double cheese burger (18.5 pts), BK chips (5.5) and a cupcakes (god knows about 6)!!!!

Have started to do some exercise, now I say exercise- it probably isn't for most people but I'm so unfit I need to start slow. So I've been doing 10 mins here and there and a bit of my yoga DVD. Yoga is something I have wanted to do for years and I'm going to my 1st class on Thursday which I'm looking forward too. I can then also do my yoga DVD at home. I've also been looking at walks around where we live so we can build activity into our weekends. I hope to then build this up to doing more vigorous exercise like running.

There are lots of fitness DVDs out there but which one to use, it can't be too hard-core for me but does anyone have any recommendations? I have the Claire Sweeny one but a bit bored of that one and music isn't that great on it.

Meal plan for this week is:
Tues- Trout fillet, veg and jacket potato
Wed- Pad Thai
Thurs- Breaded chicken, mash and veg
Fri- Prawn curry
Sat- Schezuan chicken
Sun- Bolognese Gnocci bake

Hope everyone had a fab week. xx


  1. Well done on your loss this week. I'm afraid I can't recommend any dvds as I have the Claire Sweeney one myself and that's it, apart from the Wii stuff. Your meal plan sounds good. I'm holding off on my planning as I'm hoping to get the new cookbook tomorrow at class.

  2. Well done! Keep positive - meal plan looks good, very organised.
    Claire xx

  3. Well done on your loss and you've planned your week already..... I'm impressed x

  4. Well done on the weight loss!
    I too got bored with having to programme the Claire Sweeney WW fitness DVD everytime I wanted to use it. I bought a Billy Blank Tae Bo Gold DVD and it is great. Fun to do, exercise isn't too hard to keep up with and you feel like your there in the same room as them on the dvd. It suits all ages and sizes and abilities.
    You seem to be so organised - well done x

  5. Have you ever thought about water aerobics??

    I love my water aerobics class:

    Denise Burks

    Why take water aerobics?