Tuesday, 26 January 2010

2lb loss

Hi everyone, lost 2lb this week. I know I wanted to lose 3lb but I really felt I hadn't lost any so I was pleased. Slowly coming off. I'm not at the point thought where I have noticed it. I still look the same in the mirror.

Did a nice country walk on Sunday for over 3 hours and some sessions on the Move more DVD so I'm pleased I'm starting to be more active. Body aches thou! Lol

This week I'm hoping to keep it up doing the exercise, we are going to Brighton at the weekend so need to try and save some points for then and fit in some walking if we have time. I have printed of lots of walks around Oxfordshire and The Cotswolds so we have lots to choose from.

Posted this weeks meal plan last week so you can see it there if you want. Working on next weeks. But I think that Butter(less) chicken recipe I posted will be on there again- it was so yummy.

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and those who comment, I love hearing from people and reading your blogs too :-)

Have a fab week peeps xx

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