Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Woo Hoo

Well I am very pleased with myself. Over the xmas break I lost 3lbs!!!

Really pleased. There were only a handful of us that lost and I think I lost the most.
I do feel a bit bad for having a Chinese last night, we always have one after weigh in as a treat but feel as thought I shouldn't. Well it's done now anyway. Does anyone else have a treat after weigh in? Do you point it or just have it?

So have lots of motivation now. Key for me is planning meals. This week we have:

Tues- Harissa spiced cod and cous cous (ww recipe)
Wed- Fig & Thyme honey with ricotta and then baked acorn squash (from Miss Dahl's Voluptious Delights)
Thurs- Sausage and butterbean stew
Fri- Chicken and bacon risotto (ww recipe)
Sat- Harissa spiced lamb with cous cous
Sun- Either fish curry or spag bol

Need to plan next weeks meals. Got the new WW Fabulous and filling cookbook last night at my meeting, looks really good but only had a quick glance last night.
If anyone has any nice meals they have can you let me know- always looking for extra ideas and inspiration. And if anyone wants any recipes I mention just shout.

Our leader said something last night that I really took on board. We always seem to say "this is the year for me to be healthy, lose weight" etc. But she said "this is not just a new week, or new year but a new decade". And I don't want to have another decade of being unhealthy so I'm going to keep that in the back of my mind. I want to set a good precedent for my future decades. I'm at the age now where kids are not that far off in the future and I want to be as healthy as I can when we try to get pregnant and also for when we have them. Set a good example, be able to run around with them etc. I don't want to be a mum who is tired all the time and not fit enough to do activities with them. And I want to be able to just be more active, I feel so heavy and weighed down at the moment, not just by my weight but emotionally. I want to feel lighter inside and out and live life to the full.

Sorry bit of a ramble there!!

Hope everyone is ok and not finding it too tough getting back into routines after xmas.

Have a good week x


  1. 3lb! You must be over the moon. Well done, and if having a chinese after weigh in works for you and doesn't set you off down the slippery slope, then don't feel guilty about having one and enjoying it.
    I like the sound of the recipes from Miss Dahl, so I'm off to investigate with Amazon. Will be buying the new WW cookbook at my next meeting.

  2. Well Done! I picked up the new cook book aswell on Saturday, it has some great recipes in there. I have made the meditarean (sorry for the spelling) soup, it was very nice, but I would reduce the basil. Going to make the pasta with asparagus tonight so will let you know how that goes. Please let me know of any fab recipes aswell!
    Claire xx

  3. Oh wow, 3lbs off at any time is brill but over the xmas period that's just fantastic. Well done you. I hope you gave yourself a huge pat on the back x

  4. That was a huge achievement losing over the hols...well done! I must admit I do treat myself with a chinese or fish shop supper after weigh in aswell. But only if i lose weight do i treat myself. I then have the rest of the week to correct my over eating. Sometimes i have the treat and then save 2 points everyday to compensate for the treat.

  5. well done for the xmas loss!!!! xx