Tuesday, 20 April 2010

1lb this week

Lost 1lb this week. I'm pleased as the weekend consisted of 2 BBQs plus a night out on Saturday which consisted of many many sambucas and various other mixtures of alcohol! Plus i missed 2 workouts due to the hangover! Lol.

Today i'm making a lemon tart- it's a recipe i found in my health and fitness magazine and it uses spelt flour, quark and creme fraiche to make it healthier. Will have to report back on what it tastes like!

Exciting times... Sex and the City 2 is not far off!!! I cannot wait! I watch my box set while on my cross trainer and it makes the session go by a loty quicker. And the last film was fab. Plus with this one i saw a clip with charlotte baking lots of cupcakes and with me running a cupcake business that floats my boat! Below is a link to the trailer.

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