Friday, 16 April 2010

3.5lb loss this week

WI on Monday i lost 3.5lb which i'm thrilled with as i lost 2lb the week before even with easter and my birthday :-) So i got my 5%. Now onto the 10%!! I'm feeling fab at the mo. More energy, positive, seeing changes in my body. And you may remember a post a while back where i just didn't want to do things like go out with friends etc. Well now i want to do things like go out for a couple of drinks with them etc.

Next weeks meal plan is:

M- Enchiladas (WI treat)
T- Gratin of gnocci with tomato and bacon (ww recipe)
W- Turkey and ham escalopes with veg
T- Vegetarian sausage stew with sauted potatoes
F- Pad thai
S- Mango masala steaks (ww recipe)
S- Thatched beef pie (ww recipe but i'm using quorn mince)

Tomorrow we are hopefully having a bbq if the weather is nice. I loooooove bbqs. Just need to work out points so i don't over do it. Make sure there is plenty of low point things and salad on my plate! But i'm going to enjoy myself too and have a burger and minty lamb steak....yuuuuummmm

"Believe it, Be it"


  1. A big well done on 3.5lbs off and reaching your 5%. Excellent work x

  2. Well done on the loss and 5%! Brilliant stuff. If you want something low point for the bbq, get some chicken breast and skewers, marinade in a low fat sauce (lemon and honey, sweet chilli maybe) and cook on the barbie! That's what I did last summer when I was on WW and worked a treat! xxx

  3. Well done on the weightloss and your 5%!