Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Love my mum

Another sunny day in Oxfordshire today. Loving the sun!! Started the day with a bowl of oatmeal with a splash of coconut milk and blob of almond butter. Yummy.
First thing this morning I had my pre-op assessment which I had a few tests and they asked me millions of questions. My operation to have my gall bladder removed is scheduled for 28th May.
Lunch I made me and Phil wholewheat pitta pizza. So yummy and works out at 3.5 ww points. Also had a mango and Activia Cherry yogurt.

I then had a snooze! No idea it was so tired- maybe it's because I had a fair bit of blood taken at the pre-op assessment. So felt like I wasted part of the day! Especially as it's been so sunny!

Mum called me and said she's booked me a 2 hour massage for me this Friday. Cannot wait! What a lovely mum I have xxx
Dinner was ginger and chilli glazed cod on bed of pak choi and spicy quinoa. Very yummy.

Then workout was cross trainer for 30 mins whilst watching my sex and the city boxset. Nearly at the end. Hmm what to watch next? Never watched 24 so maybe I could watch that, or heroes?

Post workout snack and evening treat was granary toast with almond butter and nutella and a clipper sleep easy tea . Sooo good!

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