Thursday, 22 April 2010

Looking forward to another sunny weekend!

I hear this weekend is supposed to get warmer- i feel another BBQ coming on! I just love them!

Tomorrow I have a cupcake class 10am -1pm and then after I hope to go into town. Need to go to the butchers and pick up some meat and also to pop into Holland and Barratt. Also want to check out a couple of book stores to see if they have "Crunch Time by Michelle Bridges". She is the trainer from The Biggest Loser Austrailia.

Tonight for dinner was Masala lean lamb steaks with baby potatoes and salad with sunblush tomoatoes. So yummy and filling.

For the lamb I crushed some cumin seeds and added some garam masala. Rubbed this spice mix on the lamb. Grilled them for approx 6 mins each side and served with some mango chutney on top. Delish!

Mango is now officially my new favourite fruit. I just love it! I'd have it everyday if we could afford too! Today foodwise I had:

Breakfast: Readybrek with skim milk

Lunch: 2 egg omlette and salad and activia cherry yogurt (these are sooooo yummy)

Post workout: Maxitone shake

Dinner: Masala lamb steaks with salad and potatoes and Mango for pud

Evening snack: 2 slices of granary toast with almond butter

Exercise: 35 mins cross trainer and 10 mins running (I cannot runso having to start off very slowly!)

Things i'm loving this week:

  • Body Shop Pink Grapefruit shower gel- it is divine! Everytime i shower it wakes me up and gives me that sweet buzz instead of eating chocolate!

  • Almond butter- really good for you and soooo yummy. I have it on granary toast or in a smoothie

  • The book i'm reading "Dark Angel by Sally Beauman"- it's a great read about murder, love, abuse, betrayal, war and sex. Set in 1910 and present day.

Right i really must get some sleep!

"Be it, Believe it"

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