Thursday, 8 April 2010

Some Pics

Thought i'd upload a couple of pics. One when I started and an up to date one. The 1st one is one of my fat photo's. The 2nd was last week for my birthday night out with a vodka teapot!! I think i've definately lost some form my face i think.

This week is going well. I'm keeping up with my exercise. Now it's better weather going to try and do a bit more skipping and boxing outside. Phil is doing ww with me now so we can do some exercise sessions together.
Decided this weeks i'm going to cut out any workouts in my fitness mags and put them all in one folder and try and create some good workouts for me.
If i lose 1lb this week i get my 5%. So i'm focussing on my 10% which i need to lose 1 stone 1lb.

1 comment:

  1. Hiya, just discovered your blog :-)

    you can really see the diference, especially your chin and round your nose...

    hope you had a great birthday (it was mine last saturday!)

    off to read the rest now! xx