Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Happy Tuesday

Hi guys, hope you've had a fab day. Today I had an interview! I think it went well. I won't find out for a couple of weeks if I've got through to the 3rd interview which will be a presentation. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Breakfast was 2 yummy eggs on wholemeal toast. Was feeling super hungry this morning.

After my interview I popped in to see my nan and it got to 3pm and I was starving for lunch so she made me a lean beef and salad sandwich in poppyseed wholemeal bread. Was such a nice sarnie!! Thanks Nan xx

Then I went back home and did the Pump up DVD for the 1st time. My god I got sweaty! It was very hard as the dance moves are very quick and quite hard to get so I did a lot of jogging on the spot or knee lifts when I lost track. I'm hoping with practice I'll get better. Also as I lose weight I hope I can move with a bit more grace as the dancers make it look so sexy and me stomping around is not!!! lol. Tomorrow the Clubland workout should arrive. I may try it tomorrow or may do my yoga DVD but will let you know once I try clubland.

Phil had football tonight so that meant having dinner later and I was really hungry so I did an egg puff a`la Fitnessista. It was yum- I put a few drops of tabasco on.

I then mooched around reading my Zest magazine and watched Eastenders then Phil got home so was time for dinner! A yummy chicken and courgette pesto pasta with some kale on the side. I mixed some chilli, garlic and lemon juice through the kale and it worked really well with the pesto.

Here is a cutie Daisy having a snooze!

Right I'm off to get ready for bed! Catch ya later.

Jess xx

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  1. Your dinner looks really really yummy!