Sunday, 11 July 2010


We are having some HOT weather here at the moment. Not complaining!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Mine went a little like this....

Friday me and my sister were going to go for a nice dim sum lunch tyre blew on the way so we were stranded at the side of the road for 2.5 hours in the baking heat waiting for the RAC man! I have some weird tan/sunburn lines! Was not fun!

My car :-(

Friday night me and Phil spent most of the night watching Sky news on Rauol Moat. For those of you who don't know he was Britain's most wanted man last week and after a week long man hunt it ended with a stand off between him and the police. He then shot himself early hours Saturday morning. I know not a fun filled weekend yet!

Saturday we had a little lie in then took my car to get a new tyre. We then went into town and had lunch. I chose Cromer crab cakes with salad a new potatoes. Delish! I got a few little treats for myself, some new summery nail polishes and a nice electric blue eyeliner.

Crab cakes

I also got some Kallo chocolate rice thins. Really yummy and only 51 kcals and soothes that choco craving!!!

Saturday night we met up with some friends for drinks and then got in about 1am.

This morning I made me and Phil a bacon and potato frittata for breakie. Yum!

We then mooched around the supermarket for a couple of things for us to put on the BBQ.

I made some lemon and poppyseed muffins for Phil to take to work. And kept a couple by for us- really yummy.

So for lunch and dinner we had a nice BBQ feast!

Lunch: Spicy chicken and veg kebabs and salad.

Dinner: Mackerel (I did a paprika and garlic rub to go on it), sweetcorn, courgettes (with a spice rub of chilli flakes, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and pepper) and some sautéed potatoes. A good feast!

Now I'm going to plan some meals for next week, do some kundalini yoga, then a bath with a hair and face pack and read my book. Bliss!

Yesterday I made some goals/targets for July/August for me:
  • Lose 7lbs (by 2/8/10)
  • Do yoga 3 times per week
  • Exercise 3 times per week
  • Drink 2 litres of water per day
  • Eat 3 portions of fruit and veg per day ( I know you should have 5 but working it up)
  • Eat 2 portions of fish per week

Question for today: What are your diet/fitness goals?


  1. Hi - Just started following your blog and wanted to say well done for your great weight loss so far! I love the food pictures as well, although they make me very hungry!! Kim :-)

  2. Thanks Kim :-) I've still got a long way to go but at least it's going in the right direction! x

  3. Hi there - just come across your blog and wanted to say thanks for all the meal ideas you've given me as I've read through. Your food looks gorgeous!

    I'm following WW too, and my current goal is simply to get back into the habit of tracking properly, I've got really lax lately and the scales are beginning to go in the wrong direction. Not good!

    Good luck with all your August targets :-)


  4. Thanks Seren :-) Glad my ramblings are of use to someone!

    Good luck on the ww. It's so easy to stop tracking so I know how you feel! x