Monday, 5 July 2010

Jobless bum

Hi peeps, Hope everyone is well. Sorry for being quiet the past few weeks. Had a bit of a tough time. Without going into detail I just could not cope with my job anymore so handed in my resignation. So looking for something else. It was a big decision to make as me and Phil have not been in a good financial position for about 18 months but my mental health is more important! But I'm thinking positive and that something fab will come up.

Health wise I've been a very bad girl on the diet.As you know I've been recovering from an operation and haven't been able to exercise and it's made me get into old habits.

Need to pull my socks up and get it sorted! Today I'm going to get back on the cross trainer and see how it feels as I've not had any pain really for a week.

Need to also get back on the healthy food wagon, been eating pretty much what I wanted. We all have blips but I need to turn this around now before it turns into a more permanent blip :-0

Not taken any foodie pics as been eating naughty things so here's a couple of randoms.

Here is a cupcake tower I did for a wedding. Mix of vanilla, strawberry and lemon.

And here is me (middle) with two of my best friends Niccie (R) and Lydia (L)

Right i'm off job hunting and meal planning!

Jess xx


  1. Good luck - you did the right thing. Your heath is important. What about expanding your cupcake business? They look amazing. I wish I had the courage to do what you did! Your right we all have blips and sometimes they are good for the soul!

  2. those cupcakes look amazing! Do you make very low calorie ones that I could eat on my diet? Check out my blog to see how I struggle with weight

  3. Unfortunately the cupcakes don't bring in enough money compared to my salary and we have been hit pretty bad financially over the past 18 months so it's not an option just to do that. But I am going to push them a lot more.

    Zeller- thanks! I don't sell lower fat ones yet but I do make some for myself and friends. I'll put some recipes on my next couple of posts. Off to check out your blog!