Wednesday, 28 July 2010

I love sushi!

Hi guys,

This week I put on 2lbs- was expected though. Not been for a couple of weeks with the hen party etc. This week is a detox week. It's not one of those hardcore ones but it's having lots of juice, soup and not many carbs.
This mornings breakfast was a pear, apple, orange and ginger jiuce. Yummy! Really tasted nice. Loved the ginger in it.

Me and my mum (below) went to Milton Keynes today so I could buy some fabric in John Lewis and to have lunch at !Yo Sushi. OMG I love it there! Can't wait to go back. So delish.

They had a beach in the shopping centre!!!

This afternoon I had some cupcakes to do and then I did some admin/PR work for my dad. As I don't have a job at the mo he's paying me to do some bits for him. Here's a cupcake pic:-) My website is

Dinner was a chicken and veg stirfry. Really nice and filling and just seasoned with soy sauce. Nice and simple.

Right it's late so I need to go to bed. See ya tomorrow guys.


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