Friday, 17 September 2010

Can feel winter coming

Brrrr it's getting cold here now in the UK. Think we will light the open fire tomorrow- so chuffed we have an open fire in our new home :-)

Breakfast this morning was a banana with a splodge of peanut butter.

I then dropped a cupcake order off then went to my dad's to do some work for him and to use the internet. God I hate not having internet!!

Lunch was a chicken salad sandwich and erm *cough* a cupcake. Bad bad bad! But yum!!!! Epic fail.

I then decorated some cupcakes for a babyshower I'm going to tomorrow.

Dinner I made a saag aloo followed by a prawn curry. It was a weightwatcher recipe at only 1.5 points. The saag aloo was 2 points and I had 3 points worth of rice. Feast!!

Right time to chillax on the sofa with my lover!!

Jess xx
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  1. I hear ya hun - I've been freezing the last few days! In fact, for the last couple of weeks I've had to light the fire first thing in the morning to take the chill off the room as it's so cold!

    I do love Winter though :D