Thursday, 16 September 2010

My day of tranquillity

Hi peeps, as I mentioned yesterday today I was having a chill day.

After a nice lie in I had scrambled eggs and smoked salmon again for breakfast. Then watched some TV and made some cupcakes for an order. Lunch was tortorlini pasta with light dolmio and low fat cheese.

In the afternoon I read a bit of "mindless eating" and watched some Project Runway.

Then I tried out the biggest loser wii game. So far so good. Created my profile and did my workout asigned for today. It was 20 mins core cardio circuit and a 6 min warm up and cool down. I was sweating loads!! I've not done much exercise for a while. Then I had a nice soak in the bath with a hair pack.

Dinner was lean rumpsteak with salad with a chopped boiled egg and couple of salad potatoes.

We then fancied some comfort food which we shouldn't have really had but it was yummy oatmeal with peanut butter, nutella and a few chopped walnuts.

Right bedtime!!
Jess xx
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