Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Zumba-not so good

So I mentioned I was going to a zumba class last night. I was looking forward to it but was really disappointed. There was no warm up and we went straight into really fast moves and I pulled a muscle almost straight away. She didn't go through the moves, we were told just to copy her. Nearly everyone was struggling. It was so fast and complicated, you could see everyone getting disheartened. It was our first zumba class so was expecting something a bit easier. Now I'm not sure if all zumba classes are like that but it's the only one in my town. Think I'll give zumba a miss!

Food wise yesterday was porridge for breakie, Innocent veg dahl pot for lunch. Banana and peanut butter for snack then chicken cacciatore for dinner.

So far today I've had scramble eggs and smoked salmon for breakfast.

Right off to the shops for baking supplies, I have cupcakes to decorate!!

Jess xx
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