Tuesday, 21 September 2010


Morning campers. Yesterday for breakfast I made a cherry-choc smoothie. I've wanted to try one for ages. I know fitnessista has her version and t looks delish. I did the one out of The Biggest Loser cookbook. It was devine.

Lunch yesterday was a tomato soup and wholegrain bread. And dinner was spaghetti and meatballs- another recipe from the BL cookbook. And I've saved 3 meatballs to have a wholegrain meatball sub at lunch- another from BL. I'm hoping it hits the spot like the meatball marinara from subway as I lurve them but hefty on calories.

Breakfast today was an egg puff ala fitnessista.

Lunch was the meatball sub and dinner is a chicken steak wrap- another BL recipe.

Right I need to go to the shops and get some more unpacking done!!

Jess xx
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  1. Oh great, I come here for the first time, read you run cupcake companys so I start daydreaming... then i see cherry choc smoothie and whisk off to amazon to add the cookbook to my wishlist... and then.... fake meatball sub!!! Was it good?? It looks amazingggg. Guess what I'm gonna fake this weekend?

  2. The cookbook is fab. Everything I've made from it has turned out fab. Had the sausage egg mcmuffin style one this morning. Yum!!!! Highly recommended!!! Let me know how you get on!!! Xx