Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The rain is back

The rain came back today :-( Mind you we did need it. Hope it clears up soon though as tomorrow me and Phil are going to Alton Towers! Yay!!!! And the weekend we are supposed to be going to a BBQ for Ryan's birthday.

Today for breakfast I had strawbs and raspberries with Rachel's pouring yogurt with a hint of honey. It's really really really yummy. Even better than cream and per 100g it has 67 kcal and 1.0g sat fat. not too shabby.

For a snackeroo I had 2 pumpkin and oat ryvitas with low fat cottage cheese and some ham on top. Nice :-)

Lunch was a prawn cocktail made with extra light mayo . Not had this for ages and was really craving it. Really enjoyed it and next time I'm going to have it in a jacket potato as I used to lurve that!

Bored of work and wanting a sweet treat I drove 20 miles to the nearest Starbucks for a Caramel Light Frapp. However I have not recreated this at home this evening. Not exactly the same but still good!

Dinner was trout with a little salt, pepper and dill. With new potatoes, asparagus and a courgette fritter. Love those little fritters :-)

So what are peoples thoughts on the Lost finale? I really liked it. From an emotional side anyway but not from a mystery solving angle, I left a lot was left unexplained. but overall I was happy with the outcome. I think a few people are unclear on what it meant and i've spent most of today trying to explain it to people. I found this link which pretty much is what I think: Click here.
Did 30 mins on the cross trainer tonight at a high intensity. I really need to do some weights/toning this week though. I tend to do less of that.

What is your favourite way to unwind?
Mine is a nice meal, glass of wine. Nice hot bath with a face and hair pack then chill in bed with a good book :-)


  1. I enjoyed the lost finale as well, not much explained but I think that was always how it was going to be! That pouring yoghurt sounds lush! I must get some of that!

  2. Can't comment on Lost, as I got lost myself halfway through the fourth series. I see there's a 2 hour special on Friday night followed by the finale, so I might record that just to see how it all ends.

    My favourite way to relax is just what I'm doing now. House to myself, feet up on the settee, having painted my toenails, and mixing up reading my book, with browsing on the internet and trying to do the crossword - all with the test match on in the corner. Be a bit better if I was 100% well, but can't have everything, eh?

    I like the look of the pouring yogurt too. Will look out for that.