Saturday, 1 May 2010

Pinch punch 1st of the month!

It's May! Which means it's getting near to summer!!! Please please lets us have a nice summer this year. Surely it's our turn??

We had milk this morning so that meant I could have my oatmeal! Yay! With Almond butter, nutella and chopped walnuts. Happy I got my oatmeal fix.

Today me and Phil went into town. Stopped in the chinese supermarket for a few bits. Picked up these spicy crispy seaweed. They are my new favourite snack! Soooo yummy. However I must admit the whole bag was finished today so I need to buy some more!

On our stop at Holland and Barratt I picked up a selection of new snack/cereal bars to add to my treat box. Will let you know what they are like as I eat them.
Mum and my nephew Connor popped round this afternoon. Mum bought some sweet pea plants for me to put in the garden and me and Connor played a new game he had bought.
For lunch I had some pea and bean salad with some dim sum. Was really yummy. I love steamed dim sum! :-) The pea and bean salad came with a delicious mint dressing. Need to try and recreate that.
Then me and Phil did a load of things round the house. I clean out cupboards and got rid of food we hadn't used or just didn't want and Phil put up some shelves in a cupboard in our conservatory so we have some extra storage.
Dinner was chicken breast in teriyaki with peas, brown rice and the courgette fritters again. Loving those :-)
I'm currently sat waiting for my hair dye to develop (doing my roots) and then i'm thinking of some pudding. Maybe some coconut ice cream! Hmm.
Tomorrow I think we'll have a pretty chilled day and then I'm going out for a few drinks in the evening with my best mate Cat so looking forward to that. Just hope the rain stops!!!
Anyway I must go wash my hair!!!
What are people doing for this bank holiday weekend?

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