Saturday, 22 May 2010

BBQ season!

We are having some fab weather here in the UK at the moment! Loving it.

Sorry for lack of postage! Here is a quick recap...

Friday was my day off so started with a bowl of strawbs and natural yogurt. Then off to the pet shop to get supplies and then £stretcher for some plant pots.

Went to see one of my best mates Nat to see her 2 new kitties! Soooooooooooooooo cute!!!

Then stopped off at starbucks on the way home for a caramel lite frappachino- god I love thoses. And not too bad at 3 ww points for a grande. It feels like a real treat.

Lunch I was running sooo late and was starving and hate to stop at another friends so stopped at Macdonoalds- I know not healthy but I opted for a chicken sub with salad for 7 points so was not too naughty!!!

After stopping at Cat's for a bit went to B&Q and Homebase to get some more plants etc for the garden. Then got home about 4.20 and spent 2 hours planting and repotting. Also put a hanging basket together.

Dinner was noodles and satay prawn. Really nice :-) Then a few of us went to Cat & Tylers for a few drinkies in the garden. Lush day really :-)

Saturday we went to the Bluebell woods with my sis (Charlotte), Ryan and Connor. Took a picnic and had a fab time. Really nice hot day and great to spend time with my fave people.

Then back home for more gardening pimping. Saturday a load of us are went out and we had a VIP section in the club with Champers. I ended up not having dinner as was rushing to get ready and come 2am Phil was pleading for us to go and get food. So we drunkardly strolled to the kebab shop for a cheeseburger/kebab!! I know bad times.

Sunday was a miracle that I wasn't hungover and for breakfast I had a bowl of Cinnamon Grahams. We then got some free garden furniture of some friends which is great so we can now eat dinner outside!! So for lunch/dinner we had a BBQ. We had burgers (mine was wrapped in a lettuce leaf), beef kebobs, salad, tomato and mozzarella and potato salad. Yummy.

Yesterday I had breakfast outside as it was sooo hot- glass of water and cereal. Then did some work and then sweated it out in the garden planting stuff. Snack was an Activia yogurt.

Lunch I made a prawn and courgette pasta with a homemade pesto I did. Really delish.

For dinner we wanted to use our mini bucket BBQ so we had a chicken breast with sun-dried tomato and basil marinade and teriyaki skewers with salad. The salad was with feta and walnuts- lush!

I was supposed to go to weight watchers weigh in Monday night but I felt like I'd eaten too much and expected a gain so didn't go. But woke up this morning and new there was one at 9.30am. I went and put on 0.5lb so not as terrible as I thought. I think the main reason is since me feeling better from my clod bug thing I hadn't got back into my exercise. Back on track now!

So now to today! Breakfast was poached egg on toast and cup of tea :-)

Lunch I had a veggie burger in a roll with salad. Followed by an Activia yogurt.

In the afternoon I eased myself back in with a 30 min cross trainer workout. Then I chilled out for a bit to read through my two books that arrived this morning. The books to the Sex and the City Movies. I'm not reading the 2nd one until I see the film on Friday though!! Can't wait.

Right off to watch the Lost finale!!!!

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