Friday, 7 May 2010

Woo hoo Friday!

Today It was my day off which was fab!! Had a lay in until about 8.45 as we stayed up to watch some of the election footage.

Breakfast was 2 oatibix. I'm not as keen on these as normal weetabix but still taste ok.

I then went into town and had a little look round but didn't get anything except pay for the parking ticket! As it was my day off i decided to go see my sister...she wasn't in. So i thought i'll pop in and see mum...wasn't in. So I thought i'll go see my best friend Cat...NOT IN! Lol.

So went home and watched an episode of Biggest Loser Austrailia. Tonight is the finale! Then I experimented with a new cupcake flavour- Lime and Coconut. I only tried a bite of one just to check the flavour. Pretty yummy actually.

Lunch was a pitta pizza with salad. I had a little grilled hallomi on my salad- yummy! I love these wholemeal pitta pizza's. They work out at 3.5 points each!

I then did 30 mins on the cross trainer (I'm watching Love actually at the mo while i'm on it). Then spent 15 mins doing shuttle runs and skipping. God running is so hard! I have a long way to go!

Lydia popped round for a catch up and then I got dinner on the go. I did egg fried rice with veg, prawns and chicken. I use fry light and wholegrain rice so it's healthy. It was really yummy. And worked out at 7 points for a nice big portion.

Then at 9pm me and Phil went swimming for 45 mins. I worked pretty hard. Please I managed 2 workouts today.
After swimming I was starving so had a bowl of Maple Pecan Crunch cereal.

So now i'm sat in bed knackered! Off to read Michelle Bridges Crunch Time- yes it arrived today!!!!!! Looking forward to reading it.

Tomorrow we are going to Bloxfest which is a big village fayre in the village my parents live in and where I grew up.


  1. I love biggest loser australia! :)

  2. I love it too!!! Can't wait for the nest one to show in the UK.