Sunday, 9 May 2010

Weekend has flown by!

There was so much I wanted to do this weekend but just didn't get time!!

Yesterday we went to Bloxfest. It was a mini festival in my village and it was really good. Except the weather wasn't very good. If the sun had been out it would have been a fantastic day. We left there about 3pm and Phil dropped me off at Lydia's house to have a few drinks with Lydia and Cat. Anyway add many more drinks and my best friend Niccie driving 3 hours to join us and I finally get to bed at 1am!

My sister Charlotte and my little nephew Connor at Bloxfest (they are in the middle)

Today with a slight hangover Phil made an egg and bacon muffin! Sorry no pic. However it felt really heavy in my tummy and I really wish I'd had some cereal instead.

Me and Phil went to Leicester to watch the play off semi finals Leicester FC v Cardiff. At the ground they only sell pukka pies and hotdogs. Not very nutritious. We sometimes go to Nando's but we didn't have time today so I made a packed lunch. Ham salad roll, tub of tomatoes, eat natural bar, apple and also had a packet of weightwatcher crisps.

We lost the game 0-1 which was frustrating. We are still in with a chance if we beat cardiff on their own ground on Wednesday. We popped in to see Phil's Dad and Stepmum on the way home. Here are a few pics from the game.

Paul Gallagher taking a corner

Our mascot Filbert the Fox


Once home I started the dinner straight away. Made a sausage stew. It's a nice cheap meal that's a regular for us :-)

Then I had to do the online shop. This weeks meals are:

T- Salmon, veg and courgette fritter
W- Lemon & thyme chicken with salad and jacket potato
T- Turkey meatballs and wholegrain pasta
F- Turkey burgers and salad
S- Chilli beef buckwheat noodles
S- tuna fishcakes and salad

Right bedtime for me!

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