Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days. My bad.
I didn't go to weigh in on Monday so not sure how I did this week but pretty sure I didn't lose weight as we ate out twice! And I went for yummy options!!

For breakie this morning I had 2 poached eggs on soya linseed toast as I was really craving it. Sorry forgot to take pic!

Then did a few hours work whilst also trying to get tickets to Leicester V Cardiff game this saturday and it took hours until I got through!!! But I got them some hooray! And Phil will be happy :-)

Then a 45 minute workout on the cross trainer whilst watching Sex and the City Movie (1)- Not long till number 2 now!!!!
Lunch was grilled chicken breast on cous cous.

Watched episode of Biggest Loser Australia. Love that programme. I want Tiffany to win. I'm still waiting for my Michelle Bridges- Crunch Time to arrive! I got excited when the post came through the letterbox this morning but nope :-( Maybe tomorrow!

Afternoon snack was Eat Natural with Blueberries, pistachios and yoghurt coating. I can't tell you how good these bars are!!!

I also ate another bag of spicy seaweed! Not sure I should buy this anymore as I just keep eating it!!! Mind you it's only 40grams per bag so it's not massive! But it is sooooo good.

Dinner is Salmon fillet with vegetable fritters and salad with feta cheese and toasted pinenuts.

Tonight me and Phil plan to have a pamper night. Face packs etc! Yes I love him sooo much that he also does girly things! Lol. I soooo hope he doesn't read this as he'll kill me! But here is proof!

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