Sunday, 16 May 2010

Wish my cold would go away!!!

Sorry i've not posted for a couple of days. Been busy doing cupcakes, caupcake classes, work and got a cold to top it off too!

So over the past couple of days there has been...

a blender accident....

Cupcake making...

A night out with my best friend with me returning when it was this light outside!

And a few eats.. smoothie, mangoes, pitta pizza, turkey burger, salad and Prawn and chilli buckwheat noodle broth among other things.

Yesterday was not a healthy day- i didn't all day except a banana and then a chinese takeout in the evening- mainly due to being ill from my cold and also from my very late night!

Today me and Phil visited some local woods for a walk round. Sooo pretty. We took lunch with us. Ham salad sarnie, apple, raspberries and Eat Natural bar.

Then we went to Stratford to see one of my best friends Nat who has just moved back from Manchester so I didn't get to see much of her the past few years so that was great to see her and so happy she is only half hour down the road now.

The Lovely Lacey over at Southern Lace is have a giveaway- check it out!

I haven't been able to workout since Wednesday as just not felt well enough. Hope it doesn't impact my weigh in tomorrow too much.

Sorry it's such a short update but we got back so late and I still need to order the online shopping!!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. The dreaded cold seems to be doing the rounds at the mo!