Saturday, 9 October 2010

Fluff monstor

Here's another pic of the fluff monstor Poppy! Cheeky little bunny.

Today me and Phil had a nice lay in, did a few things round the house. I mowed the lawn which was tough!! Sweating my ass off!!!

We went in to town so Phil could have his hair cut and I had a mooch around and picked up this little treat :-)

Snackage today was pineapple. 2 whole pineapples for £1 at the market. Bargin!!

Lunch on the go was a sarnie and a very nice sarnie it was too!

Saturday night snackage- hummous, pitta and olives and sun blushed tomatoes. Yum! We then had pizza for dinner. So that part wasn't healthy.

My sister, Ryan and Connor came round in the afternoon and Connor had loads of fun climbing the trees. He loves coming to our as they live in a flat so they don't have a garden and ours is massive!

Tonight we've pretty much chilled out and watched Strictly Come Dancing. I want Matt Baker to win :-)

Now we pretty much all know we should be getting 5 a day of fruit/veg but do we know what a portion is. This guide tells you what's what.

Tomorrow I plan to make my xmas cake, plan for my cupcake class on Monday and unpack some more boxes and that's pretty much it. What are everyone elses plans?

Jess xx


  1. Every single year I say I'm going to make my own Christmas cake and then I never do...maybe 2010 will be the year!

    Your weekend sounds fab - enjoy your Sunday!


  2. That rabbit is seriously cute!