Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Sorry for not posting

Guys, sorry i've not posted this week. With being ill well i was busy being ill!! Feeling loads better now and just left with a annoying cough! Nice

Today has been a good day as I've got lots done. After a nice little lay in I went to Lakeland to get some supplies to make my christmas hampers. As money is tight this year I'm making up big hampers with lots of homemade goodies. They will include: Cranberry & Orange Vodka (made today), Blackberry and Apple jam, spiced poached pears, cookies, red onion chutney, homemade chocolates, brownie mix jars and lots more! I'll post pics as I make them. I did the vodka today but it's stewing with the orange and cranberries for 2 weeks before I put it in bottles so i'll take a pic then.

I then had to do about 40 cupcakes for different orders and I had a couple round this evening to try sample cupcakes and to discuss designs for their wedding. All good fun!

Food wise for break fast I had the good old weetabix, lunch was tomato soup and a slice of granary bread and dinner is Lightened Up Chicken Parmasan alla How Sweet it is.

I've also made my breakfast cookie alla The Fitnessista for the morning. For my version I added oats, chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, mixed seeds, 1/2 mashed banana, few choc chips and a pinch of cinnamon- can't wait until morning!!!!

I lost another 2lbs this week. Really chuffed as I had to give up weight watchers as we can no longer afford it so doing it on my own!!! I want to lose another stone by xmas so need to kick it up. Not done any exercise with being ill so once this cough has gone i'll jump back on that horse.

Peridot mentions I need more pics of Poppy! I'll try and get some more up of the rascals soon. Only prob is with the move I can't find my camera charger so using my blackberry for pics and it's rubbish as it has no flash! Me and Phil really need to finish unpacking as i'm missing so much stuff!!!!

Here is a pic of our new house and our view! So nice living on a farm!

Right i'm offski.

Mucho Love


  1. I love doing home made Christmas presents and your ideas are fab - I may have to nick one or two if you don't mind!

    Oh, and well done on your loss, that is fab :-)


  2. Nick away, let me know if you want any recipes :-) xx

  3. Those hampers sound AMAZING! I made chutney one year - bf complained that the flat smelt of old socks and it was a real labour of love. Not one bugger ate it - even my chutney-loving friend said she couldn't get the lid off (kilner jar) and so had to throw it away. It was a bit soul destroying to be honest - hope your friends are more grateful.

    House looks lovely.

  4. The ungrateful beggers! Lol

    I'm a pretty good chutney/jam kinda gal and always get asked to make people chutney and jam so should be ok. Can't go wrong with red onion chutney. pear chutney is also a good one. Couple of recipes on my other blog from a post last xmas if you want to check it out :-)

  5. Hey thanks for stopping by, glad to see its not only me that has a busy life! x x