Thursday, 7 October 2010

logs on the fire

Hi guys,

Posting from my blackberry again so sorry about the pics all being at the top!

As you know I had my breakfast cookie for breakie this morning. Missed those bad boys, so made another for tomorrow :-) Check out for details on the breakfast cookie.

First this morning I chased another mouse round the house- 4 in 24 hours!!! Molly is bringing mice in but alive so the little things are running around! Nightmare. We now control the cats going in and out so they can have a "search" before they come in!!!

I had a reflexology session this morning which was nice a relaxing. I've never had it before so wasn't sure what to expect but I really enjoyed it.

Then I had cuppies to deliver then my mum came round for a cuppa and a chat. Nice :-)

For snackage I had a protein bar and lots of herbal tea- a moment of calm.

Lunch was long due and I hadn't sorted anything so grabbed some honey on granary toast. Sorry no pic.

Dinner was healthy but a nice treat- pork belly with balsamic onions and scallops. Yum!!! Pic came out too dark on the crapberry!

We lit the fire tonight and it was nice and toasty and I roasted some marshmallows too :-)

One of the other pics is my new snazzy lunch box.

I'm just planning next weeks meals then off to bed!!!

Jess xx
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  1. Pork belly and scallops are two of my absolute favourite things - loving the sound of them together!


  2. It was delish!!! It was a James Martin recipe. So scrummy x